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An insight into the Questions in TOEFL Independent Writing
Posted on: 19 Apr 2019  |   Category: TOEFL ,

An insight into the Questions in TOEFL Independent Writing Students understand the requirements of the two writing questions in TOEFL. The task involves writing an essay, describing their opinion regarding a topic. The integrated writing question seeks the comparison of an article regarding an academic subject with the lecture on a similar topic. ETS, who are the makers of this test, use a common pattern while setting the questions. There are a set of patterns and structures and when a person learns these, prior to appearing the test, the job becomes easier. The integrated essay is also predictable. There are a few Question Styles that are obsolete. Moreover, they are not used any longer.  Firstly, there are no questions asking comparing and contrasting in the assignments of independent writing.  Moreover, there will be no questions regarding the characteristics of the type. Thirdly, there will be no questions regarding various causes for a subject

Example 1

The present Question Style seeks your views on Agree/Disagree. Here you get a brief statement and your opinion on it.  There can be statements regarding the Children following strict rules of their parents or the effects of the use of the Internet in modern times. Yet another example is whether it is better to not tell the truth.  Select one view and do not support both of them.

Example 2: Preference

In this question, you have to give your preference between a set of opinions on some topic.  It can be on doing volunteer work in free time or whether a student can spend free time to study or to prepare for classes.

Example 3: Three Choices

Also, the student has to answer the question where there are three choices. We present such a question: Opine about which of these strategies is better for a student in preparing for a great career?
  • Studying academic subjects
  • Taking part-time jobs
  •  Knowing other students
Give specific reasons for supporting the answer. With this knowledge, you can go forward and attempt the test successfully. Good luck to you. Teach5 works on the philosophy of bringing guidance and tips to solve IELTS and PTE. The aim is to help our patrons in a big way and boost their confidence by conducting classes, online and offline to answer it well. Please contact us for further details.

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