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TOEFL will introduce Format Changes from 1st August 2019
Posted on: 03 Jul 2019  |   Category: TOEFL ,

TOEFL will introduce Format Changes from 1st August 2019

ETS announced vast changes in the TOEFL format 2019. This is an important development for the people who appear for the test beginning from Aug 1 of 2019 or at a later date. We present the features that will change, and those which remain unchanged.

Studying for the fresh Test by taking the old material

Candidates need to incorporate a different type of preparation as per the new TOEFL when they are opting for the fresh test version. Slightly adjust the pace of Reading by slowing somewhat down and speeding up of the listening.

Changes in Timing, Pace, and Content

We also present a comparative analysis of the old format versus the new format, from Aug 1, 2019.

Old Test versus New Test 




TOEFL Reading

3-4 passages (standard length of 3 passages)

12-14 questions per passage

60-80 minutes

Average of 1 min. 40 sec. per question

3-4 passages (standard length of 3 passages)

10 questions per passage

54-72 minutes 

Average of 1 min. 48 sec. per question

TOEFL Listening

4-6 lectures, 6 questions each (standard length of 4 lectures)

2-3 conversations, 5 questions each (standard length of 3 conversations)

60-90 minutes

Average of 1 min. 46 sec per question

3-4 lectures, 6 questions each (standard length of 3 lectures)

2-3 conversations, 5 questions each (standard length of 3 conversations)

41-57 minutes

Average of 1 min. 28 sec. per question

TOEFL Speaking

6 tasks

2 TOEFL Independent Speaking tasks

4 TOEFL Integrated Speaking tasks

20 minutes

4 tasks

1 TOEFL Independent Speaking task

3 TOEFL Integrated Speaking tasks

17 minutes

TOEFL Writing

2 tasks

50 minutes of response time

2 tasks

50 minutes of response time


Whole test

3.5 hours

3 hours


The Task of Speaking: Task Removal plus Renumbering of Tasks

Apart from these changes, the four tasks in Test Speaking figuring in the old TOEFL still remain in its new format also and have a renumbered pattern. The following table provides a view regarding the removal and renumbering of the tasks:



TOEFL Speaking Task 1 (Independent)


Task 2 (Independent)

Task 1 (Independent)

Task 3 (Integrated)

Task 2 (Integrated)

Task 4 (Integrated)

Task 3 (Integrated)

Task 5 (Integrated)


Task 6 (Integrated)

Task 4 (Integrated)


Changes will follow in TOEFL Preparation Materials

For accommodating the changes in TOEFL 2019 format, ETS will change and update some of the Preparation Materials. Here are the details:

TOEFL Quick Prep features the first Volume and two PDFs, in which there is no audio. Volume No: 1-4 of TOEFL Quick Prep, are complete with audio, and are easily accessible.

The TOEFL online class (from Ed-X) will undergo a change enabling the video lessons as well as practice activities to show the new features in TOEFL.

Changes to TOEFL Scoring

Test-takers taking the TOEFL for the second or third attempt will get a super score in the TOEFL.  The meaning here is that the score report shows the best individual section score in these multiple tests, when they take the TOEFL many times. The process happens automatically and also there will be no extra charge to this task. The test score reports for all tests taken by the person after Aug 1 will show the top scores from all exam sessions for which the test-taker appears.

Sections that will not change in the new format

The overview of what remains the same for the Test are as follows

  • TOEFL Reading will have the standard format covering three passages. Moreover, there will be a possibility of having the fourth experimental passage.
  • TOEFL Listening will have six questions in a lecture/classroom discussion. Moreover, there will be five questions for one conversation.
  • TOEFL Reading/Listening will retain all the same question types
  • Moreover, there will be no change in the Reading or preparation times, and also in the response times in the TOEFL Speaking tasks.
  • Among the four TOEFL Speaking tasks remaining in the exam, there will be no change in the time limits for preparing and speech.
  • The TOEFL Writing section remains exactly as before incorporating no changes whatsoever.
  • The scaled score system, 30 per section, 120 for the entire test, are the same.
  • For candidates appearing for the test on one occasion only, score calculation/reporting remains exactly as before.

Unknown features of the TOEFL 2019 Format

  • The onscreen timer looking the same or working differently,
  • How the TOEFL Quick Prep will look in the long-run,
  • The date of releasing an updated versions of official TOEFL prep materials
Where to Go for More Information from ETS

The place to look for present, official information regarding the TOEFL 2019 changes is the Introducing a Better TOEFL iBT Test Experience page of ETS . This has information on the page and its PDF is updated frequently.

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