Smart Ways to Increase PTE Oral Fluency

PTE Speaking Fluency, PTE Speaking Test, English Fluency - Teach5

PTE Speaking Fluency, PTE Speaking Test, English Fluency - Teach5

Often there are a lot of questions regarding the methods to increase PTE oral fluency score and PTE speaking score. Fluency is somewhat easier to attain but the students have to persevere through insecurities.

English Fluency

Fluency is the ability to speak in a continuous manner without making any unnecessary pauses. It also involves speaking comfortably so that others can understand you. A person can be fluent in English after enough practice and can gain confidence.

English Accuracy

Accuracy is the ability to speak in a language without making any mistakes. Understand that fluency comes first and it is followed by accuracy.
Students need to o remember that in the PTE speaking section the test assessors desire to know regarding natural sounding in a speech, its flows and also the level of comfort and confidence. Here we present some PTE oral fluency tips

# PTE Fluency Tip: Get a partner for conversations

This helps in build fluency. There must be a partner dedicated to having a conversation. This person should not adopt a correcting stance every time on a mistake or give you any tips about the speaking style. Moreover that person must speak English fluently.
Things to do:

  • Talk about topics of your interest.
  • Ask them to tell what they notice for improving fluency.

# PTE Fluency Tip: Build up vocabulary

One of the major reasons why people find it
Difficulty in speaking without a pause and filler happens because people often search for the correct vocabulary. Vocabulary takes time to build. Follow some important rules like finding some synonyms for a word when you notice the use of a word all the time. There is a need to have a broad lexical horizon.
Another Rule is that in case you do not know a word, describe it to the partner. He/she will help you out.

# PTE Fluency Tip: Use English daily

Speak English words in all situations and as much as it is possible for you. It is only through Practice that you can build confidence. Practice by yourself – it is advantageous. It boosts confidence and increases oral fluency.
Things to do:

  • Speak in English every day.
  • Also speak about what comes to mind and stop worrying regarding grammatical mistakes.
  • Furthermore, look up for new words in a dictionary or online.

# PTE Oral Fluency Tip: Listening

  • Listen to people who speak in English. Start noticing how their style of saying. English is famous for its patterns rhythm and tones.
  • Mimic the style of talking of native-speakers. Recognize patterns and identify the proper time to use a certain tone.
  • Listen to the radio, or TV shows.
  • Lookout for clues about how people talk in various contexts
  • Also listen to English audio books, and podcasts for clues
  • Do not have any insecurity regarding making mistakes.
  • Let go of any fear, because both fluency and accuracy are achievable.
  • Finally, also take professional help to build a solid academic vocabulary.

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