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PTE –The preferred course for Specialized English Training
Posted on: 28 Sep 2016  |   Category: PTE ,

PTE has been awarded a contract for a period of 6 years worth $13.4 million by the New York City Department of Education. The agreement requires Pearson to pursue the present task of collaborating the entry level exam to the Common Core Standards. Also, from October, as the test was going to be conducted during the week rather than on Weekends, the officials of the education department were hoping that it may lead to participation by many more candidates According to the Education Department, although the black and Hispanic students constituted 68% of the student’s community in New York, this was only11% of the total number of students at the specialized schools. Although this agreement was rolled out in 2014, it was deferred for some time to make it more High School appropriate by making additions like complimentary exam preparation, considering courses where the students had just missed the scoring mark, so as to reach out to many more students. At the middle school level, they planned to introduce the test during the day and also allow the participation for all students of standard 8 .Of courses, those who were not interested, could quit the test. The aim for this was to see a higher turn out from the student community. The Community Service Society had posted a communication to the schools Chancellor on how they could make the Schools and the Specialized High Schools more varied. The DOE has recommended Pearson over other opponents In an email, a spokesman for the company wrote: “Pearson maintains the highest industry standards for fairness and quality, and we have a proud history of serving students in New York.”

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