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PTE Academic Completes 10 Years of Existence
Posted on: 05 Nov 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

PTE Academic Completes 10 Years of Existence

PTE Academic that is an exam of English language proficiency, celebrated 10th birthday, in which numerous events and functions were held around the world. There is a vision of seeing, a future of innovation in the space involving English testing.

The test first started in 2009 and was a result of other works undertaken by the company in the testing arena.

Many New Markets

There was a strong growth covering all markets. Pearson VUE was the largest testing provider on the computer in the world. There was also a focus on providing cutting-edge technologies in association with using of AI in the calculation of scores. Also there was an academic expertise in assessment design that was the top in the domain. Using artificial intelligence at the time was unique in the proficiency exams. Additionally, PTE Academic had a good growth due to acceptance of its role in the society. Furthermore there is willingness in accepting AI in day to day life, with more focus on security and avoiding frauds by governments as well as the universities. This was compounded by an increase in worldwide mobility.

Making A Steady Progress

Since its launch, PTE Academic is recognized by the governments of Australia and New Zealand for all migration purposes. Many universities in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand as well as in the UK in a big way in their entrance test for the courses. The growth was strong in all markets.

Australia took on the position of a market leader recently and it is being repeated in New Zealand and also in Asia. There are many source markets from which the Australian institutions attract and recruit global students. Finally there is a growing recognition in established destinations of study, and many markets see its increased usage. In the past two years there was substantial growth in PTE Academic, after the opening of several testing centers.

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