Four Mistakes people commit in the PTE Speaking Tasks

PTE Speaking Test, PTE Test, Common Mistakes in PTE - Teach5

PTE Speaking Test, PTE Test, Common Mistakes in PTE - Teach5

The PTE Speaking Tasks appear hard to master for many students. When the scoring is low in the speaking tasks, it destroys confidence. People make one or two common mistakes and we can remove them by making necessary preparation.

Do not make sounds which are caused by pushing out excess air at the time of pronouncing P and B. Listen to a voice sample while commencing the test. In case there are loud breathing noises tell someone. This affects the score also. We bring the mistakes people make in the PTE speaking tasks.

#1: Speaking in a speedy manner

A brisk talking speed is not similar to fluency. It is important to slow down. Do not be impossible to understand. Also do not be nervous, or anxious, as that is a cause to speed up. Be aware of yourself and speak in a slow, measured manner.

#2: Use of many types of fillers

We use fillers when we think of a proper word to fill the next part of the sentence. The PTE academic has a task to assess your ability to access vocabulary and relevant concepts in a quick and accurate manner.

The PTE speaking tasks requires you to say more than a few sentences. There is a description of image or re-telling of a lecture. There is a time allocation to collect thoughts before a recording. This time should be used to select concepts which you will address. Have the plan of a unique format method. Structure your response and be sure of what you plan to say.

#3: Using colloquial language

Never use casual language but instead use the formal, academic language. That is the language the Pearson test assessors look for. They are looking for advanced vocabulary and fine word structure.

Never speak casually as if you are speaking with a friend. Also create a positive impression with professionalism. Some students need to think in the past when they wrote a good essay and used impressive words. Such cases will be perfect now.

For the test, use an essay language and also prove having a good vocabulary.

#4: Speaking in fragments

In the PTE academic, do not start thoughts, and end up not finishing them. Also do not start a new thought in the middle of a sentence. Moreover, in the PTE, speak complete sentences in spite of a difficulty. There are 5 points for oral fluency. The candidates can get full points for fluency when they speak in full sentences and also do not have a re-start.

Finally avoid these listed mistakes. Do not miss a word you want to say, do not rephrase at the beginning of your sentence, and do not be confused. Speak until you complete the sentence.

Just by following these tips, success will be yours.

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