Effective Tips for PTE Vocabulary

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Vocabulary is a building block of language, and makes a tremendous difference in all the tests of languages. If it is extensive, and the candidate goes for its expansion, all tasks in PTE become easy. Furthermore, it is central to make vocabulary an essential part of PTE preparation.

A good Vocabulary is a compulsory requirement for success in the PTE. It needs preparation, after which the candidates can understand the test, and know the strategies. Its importance is felt in many ways like in the reading section, in the listening section, and also for writing a first-class essay. Additionally it helps in speaking impressively, while taking the speaking test. We present the top methods for integrating new words to emerge successful.

#Reading extensively

This leads to fluency in English. Read all the topics of interest like fashion, celebrities, politics, economics or science. Furthermore, by reading one can discover new words in the context. Look up for the words in English to English dictionary.

#Using Thesaurus and English to English dictionary

Use a hard copy/online version of dictionary.com and thesaurus.com.   Dictionaries provide a definition and are of great help in pronunciation. It’s important not to just use a translation tool. Think of the word in English, and also know synonyms. Select synonyms and also include them into the vocabulary journal.

#Using a Vocabulary Journal

Using a notebook to record new words you hear or read is a good habit.

#Organizing the journal based on themes

Make a Group of words that are related to a similar topic as this will also make it easy to remember.

#Making a list of the different forms of the word.

It is good to know if a word is a noun, verb, or adjective. In the dictionary there are different abbreviation like (v) for verb, (n) for noun, (adj) for adjective and (adv) for adverb.

#Tip: Collocate!

Making a list of words of the word collocates like managing effectively; managing competently; efficient/ competent management are very helpful.

#Tip: Write much

When we write down the words they enter into our memory. When we see/hear a new word, it goes to becoming something of a passive vocabulary. We can only understand such words but cannot use them. We must make efforts so that the new words become a part of active vocabulary. Always check the spelling. By writing a short story, or a review/personal reflection, we can practice for the P.T.E. essay.

#Tip: Listening

Hear the words in proper context. This exercise will help to know the use of words and also help in getting familiar with its pronunciation. Watch short movie clips and music videos on YouTube. On hearing a new or unknown word with a difficult pronunciation listen again.  Ted talks are a great source for knowing interesting and inspiring talks on many topics.

#Tip: Learning a new word every day

Moreover check the word of the day in a Dictionary and also know the definition, pronunciation, and word form. Use it in the journal writing and also for the writing practice of PTE.

#Tip: Speaking

Include new words in everyday conversation. Also talk to friends using a set of new words. Grow the vocabulary constantly. This helps to increase speaking fluency and is of great help in the PTE speaking test.
Finally, after following these tips, success is definite, but do have a strategy in it.

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