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An easy method to learn the Describe Image Task in the PTE

Describe the Image Task in the PTE Describe Image is a tough task in PTE-Academic. Here we present a few tips about the task, the criteria for scoring, and the right technique. Additionally, this task requires a candidate to describe an image appearing on the screen in a matter of 40 seconds. The speaking Skill is assessed in this task.

Working on the task

Here a recording status box appears on the task screen. It also displays a countdown until the microphone goes live, and there is the beginning of the recording. There are only 25 seconds for studying the image and setting up the plan to give the response. The time factor is crucial. After 25 seconds, you immediately need to start speaking. Furthermore, there are only 40 seconds for finishing the task!

Scoring in the Task

This task has a score on the parameters of Content, Pronunciation and Oral Fluency. In the content part for getting a good score, speak regarding the image, in detail using information visible on the screen. The oral fluency and pronunciation test the style of fluency and correct pronunciation.

Easy methods to score high marks:

  • Use the time for identifying the elements in the image
  • Mentioning  the keywords that you observe in the image
  • Use some filler words like looking closely at the image, Apart from this, we can see that, Moreover, the image shows----,
  • Make a Use adverb of conjunctions, In addition, However,  Moreover, Although, and Furthermore,
  • Also, include concluding remarks In conclusion and finally and such similar words.
  • Avoid speaking complicated words and phrases, as you lose marks in fluency/pronunciation and finally,
  • It is well to speak for 35 seconds if there are all the keywords, filler words, description, and a proper conclusion
These steps also apply to all types of images like the images with less or much information, maps, graphs, or a pie-chart. Identify the components you have to speak about. Focus on time and complete it accordingly. Keep an eye on the timer. Good examples are:
  • The image illustrates,
  • It shows-----,
  • The image reveals and finally,
  • The image offers---

Final tips

  • Highlight the aspects as they appear
  • Use words like Overall, I can say
  • This was a vivid description and finally,
  • Make use of keywords and fillers, in a clever manner and opt for an apt conclusion.
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