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90 SCORE PTE FORMULA   Achieving success is easier with tips and suggestions from experts. Here, we reveal the secret of scoring 90 in PTE.

The formula for Reading

Students have to gain mastery in Reading lengthy paragraphs and selection of one or more options. There is an application of grammar knowledge in reordering the paragraphs. The PTE provides a list of collocation words which the aspirants must read daily for preparation. Reading 50 per day is a great help after a month.

Reorder of the random paragraphs:

Using the logic is better in this section. There are paragraphs which are standalone. Furthermore, a paragraph talks regarding some past event and mentions a year, it is the last paragraph!


The length of the paragraph determines reading the question or the options first. In case the paragraph is lengthy, prefer to go through the options or questions first. Where the paragraph is short, read it first.

The formula for Listening

Keeping the eyes closed helps to make much difference especially for Repeat Sentence. While taking down the notes, keep the concentration level high on taking down the notes. Do not look at the screen, as you may miss a keyword in the lecture.


PTE allots some seconds before starting the audio clip. read the first line, of the question or a sentence for finding an answer. By listening to the audio clip in a peaceful manner and keeping the eyes closed, it is easy to find a correct option.

Make a Summary of the Spoken Text:

At the time of taking down the notes, just write key words or phrases and do not write sentences. This will help in noting down more keywords, and also make the summary better. Give a careful consideration to punctuations and articles while writing.

The formula for Speaking

The secret formula for Speaking is daily practice. Speak English with friends and families. Fluency in day-to-day English makes it easy to get a high score in speaking.

Describe image:

There are graphs describing an image and form a format to speak regarding it. Prepare pie charts. Describe things the way you see these images. Do not miss major points like the high/ low values on images.

Retell the lecture:

Note down the keywords as it helps in the Listening section. Avoid Pauses and do not hesitate. Every word counts and candidates have to be aware of the spoken content. Listen to the lecture carefully and attentively. Speak the matter that is relevant to lecture.

The formula for Writing

For maximum marks in Writing you must have a sound knowledge of grammar and thesaurus. Use positive and negative adjectives to get a high score in vocabulary. Read the sample essays. There are common essay topics and it is good to go through the sample answers.

The factors assisting a good score in PTE

Attending Classes is compulsory to succeed in the examination. Understand the modules and also go for a mock test to ace PTE. Do Online PTE mock tests, by the organization to get a reality check. Thus fine practice, mock tests, and timely guidance of experts is a sure formula to strengthen the talent and get a score of 90 in PTE. If you are aiming to get good score in PTE please enroll with us for our upcoming batches

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