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Effective tips to improve PTE Essay score
Posted on: 05 Dec 2018  |   Category: PTE ,

PTE Writing Test, PTE Exam, PTE Coaching in India- Teach5 The PTE writing section, as well as the task of writing an essay, is daunting. It is an art, and the candidate has to do it strictly as per the PTE-specific format. After adopting this format, the ability to organize ideas in a clear, grammatical and logical manner becomes evident. There is a stress on using impressive and correct vocabulary here. We present some strategies for helping and improving the technique of writing an essay.

Tip #1: Keeping it simple

These days using the long and complicated sentences having much punctuation is not popular. There is a possibility of making grammatical and punctuation mistakes, while extending sentences. Furthermore all test assessors, look for clear and logical sentences. Avoid writing complicated, and hard to follow sentences. Adopt a writing style, that is simple, and do not take a risk with punctuation. Bottom of Form

Tip #2: Take time for planning points

It is a fact that many people run out of time, while writing the PTE essay. Avoid changing the mind regarding the arguments halfway. Do not begin writing and set the ball rolling, but have a plan. Creating a plan often helps to avoid stopping and restarting. It does not take much time, to write down some ideas on the erasable note board booklet, when there is a method or strategy.

Tip #3: Use a correct format.

There is a structure to write the essay. It need not be stifling and regulated like having some paragraphs, an introduction, a set of arguments and a conclusion. Use the correct template. Also think of enough arguments which support your ideas and allow a free flow of thoughts.


There are various ways and multiple right answers to structure an essay. We present an example of essay structure that works for PTE:

Weighing the arguments

In the Paragraph 1 introduce the topic and move on to Arguments for. Follow it with Arguments against and then arrive at the conclusion. Inform the reader regarding which is the most convincing argument in your opinion. Furthermore, write a few sentences to clearly put out a point across.

Extra Tip: fine tune the academic vocabulary

The most important to know here is to develop a vocabulary that the PTE is looking for. This can be only developed by constant reading. We strongly suggest reading newspaper articles, autobiographies and novels. It is only through thorough reading that one can increase the vocabulary. Moreover, it promotes and enhances the understanding of all types of context. Avoid using incorrect words. Modern pronunciation apps help to practice vocabulary and pronunciation at the same time. Finally, it is important to note the PTE writing section does not have the aim of helping the candidates to write a literary masterpiece. The aim is to assess the ability to organize ideas in a clear and logical manner. It checks the use of a good grammatical structure and the right vocabulary. A person can shine in it by the right tools and by making the right strategy.

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