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Top Tips for Improving Listening In PTE Academic Test
Posted on: 07 Feb 2019  |   Category: PTE ,

Tips to Improve PTE Listening The Listening section of the PTE can be easy when you pay attention to all parts in the test in a careful manner. We also present some listening tips that you must know to score around 80 marks easily in it.

Knowing the test

People must know what to expect on the day they take the test. These are the eight exercises contributing to a good listening score.
  • Summarizing Spoken Text, and Multiple-choice,
  • Selecting a single answer, and Multiple-choice,
  • Also selecting multiple answers,
  • Filling in the blanks,
  • Highlighting correct summary,
  • Selecting Missing word,
  • Highlighting incorrect words, and finally,
  • Writing from Dictation
Additionally, it is extremely important to practice all these exercises as they are different from the others. Candidates must also note that they get a single chance in this exercise. Dissimilar to the reading/writing parts, one can listen to the recordings only once. In case of missing it, you lose it.

Listen in an active manner

  • Know the meaning of the conversation and involve in a situation and also anticipate what is coming.
  • Furthermore, Select a Missing Word part, in which you have to complete the ending of the sentence without hearing it.
  • Write down all the keywords, words which are repeated, besides all things that appear relevant to the topic under discussion.
  • Have a good Preparation also by listening to all talk shows, available on podcast/radio.
  • Also, do not watch the TV.

Be Attentive

You can hear many accents and hence do not focus exclusively on British accent alone. Also take the pains to understand other accents like American, Australian, Irish, and Indian.

Do not practice alone

Furthermore, a test day has other candidates, where some of them will be talking in a loud manner. Do not be distracted easily by others, and also do not lose track of the test. Studying quietly might be a habit, but it is not of much help. Turn on the TV; or create a background noise while studying. Also, have a good preparation for the actual test.

Be aware of negative marks

In the section of multiple choices, select a proper answer because in case of a wrong answer you will lose a mark. Scoring 2 points for correct options, and then also scoring minus 2, for two incorrect answers, gets zero points for that question. Also, achieve the necessary mastery in this section. Read the answers diligently before starting the recording. Listen to the keywords carefully to match with the answers. In case of not being sure about a response, do not go for selecting it.

Have the sense of time

The section of Summarize spoken text permits you to hear the recording for only a single time. Do not write down the full speech, but only note the keywords like a place, name, and date. Listen to the conversation actively. Summarize what happened a little while ago. Finally, speak with a constant flow and elaborate on keywords. Also, do not rush at the end. Teach5 works on the philosophy of bringing guidance and tips to solve IELTS and PTE. The aim is to help our patrons in a big way and boost their confidence by conducting classes, online and offline to answer it well. Please contact us for further details.

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