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Repeat Sentences are the area in the PTE-A Speaking, on which the score depends heavily. It follows the task of Read Aloud in the Module. This task has the feature of the audio playing and candidates must repeat it. The score is on the basis of the accurate repetition of what you hear.

The process

Before the playing of the audio there is the countdown of 3 seconds. When it finishes playing, you do not hear a beep. You can see a recording icon on the screen and start speaking immediately. In case you do not speak for three seconds, the microphone stops the recording. Keeping this fact in mind in PTE preparation is very important.

Common problems encountered

The extreme length of a sentence is an issue. Moreover, sometimes, the sentence is spoken in a fast manner during the recording. A major issue is that the sentence can be both lengthy and fast simultaneously. Furthermore, the audio recording can be lengthy and slow. There could be a lot of noise in the background of audio. Another issue is that the accent is difficult to understand. Be adequately prepared for such scenarios, and also avoid any stress in the test. You must not lose confidence right away if you perform poorly in a question. Consequently, there is a drop in performance for the outstanding questions.

Scoring Criteria

For the tasks related to PTE Speaking Module, there are two criteria in the form of what one speaks, and how he/she speaks it.

The scoring happens on what you speak, and the content. On repeating the sentence 100% successfully, you get three from the allotted three points. In case you repeat 50% or additional sentence successfully, you score two points. In case the answer matches in the range of 0-50 percent of the unique sentence you get a single point. In case of no match, the score is zero. The way you speak requires the Oral Fluency and Pronunciation.

Some Tips for Repeat Sentence

Firstly, avoid taking pointless pauses, or making a false start. Do not Skip or leave out words. In using the article do not introduce articles in unnecessary places. In case you remember nothing regarding the sentence, avoid leaving the question unanswered. On repeating even a part of the sentence you score some marks.

While repeating a sentence, avoid the using the words and fillers like ‘err’, ‘umm’, and more. Don’t stop in the middle of the sentence or hesitate in a speech. Always speak naturally as well as calmly, at a slow and gentle pace.

Furthermore, use the accurate intonation while speaking.  Emphasize on words/phrases. Avoid the lines in a monotone.

Mimic the accent of the audio speaker. Also understand the meaning of a sentence and club the words in many meaningful phrases instead of remembering the words.

Tips for a better score

For a better pronunciation and the oral fluency listen to English podcasts, and watch English talk shows, news, and movies. Be keen in understanding how English speakers use the words, and focus on their intonation and rhythm.
Manage to, cooperate and coordinate with a speaking partner. Get the cooperation of a native speaker, or do it online. Also work on your grammar and vocabulary, and imitate the intonation of a partner. Also finally focus on improving with the aid of the feedback.

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