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Effective tips for Practicing the PTE Reading Section
Posted on: 01 Jul 2019  |   Category: PTE ,

Effective tips for Practicing the PTE Reading Section

While reading comes out as a simple module in the PTE, test takers must follow a planned strategy to get a good score in it. The best advice in the PTE reading test is to understand every question type and the relative importance and time constraint.

Do not worry a lot and focus on preparing yourself for all the scenarios in the PTE.

Spare 20 minutes daily, as the time to practice one question- type in the reading section.

Also, identify the logical approach to practice every question of the module. This helps to attain suitable reasoning skills, which the test taker must possess. It will also surely help in understanding the test pattern and the comparative time management strategies necessary to apply in order to earn a desirable score in PTE.

The entire section in PTE reading includes four major question types.

Multiple choices and choosing a single answer: 

The initial question type of PTE reading has around 2 to 3 of this type of questions. The length of paragraphs here is around 110 words. Moreover, the PTE reading task takes a time of 32-35 minutes to complete,  a person can preferably spend two or three minutes on a question. 

Multiple choices and choosing multiple answers: 

You can expect to get 3 questions of this type in the PTE test. The length of such paragraphs moreover, is around 300 words. These questions carry the element of a partial credit; the candidates need to click on the response about which they are very much certain. There is no benefit to score one mark for a correct reply and lose another for the incorrect reply. It is better to leave that immobile if you are disbelieve about an option.

Reordering the Paragraphs: 

This is a critical portion that is much time-consuming also.  It aims at the same time in evaluating central reading skills and also tests grammar proficiency and corresponding reasoning of a test taker. 

Filling up the blanks: 

Also in PTE, Filling up the blanks forms a considerable part of reading section. It needs the building of a respectable vocabulary to score well in this segment. Moreover a context-based approach improved understanding of grammar, and collocations certainly help to create a good score. 

This section has texts of close to 80 words and six blanks or missing words. Your job is to find the correct choice of word for each bank/space based on the required part of speech. It can be a noun, verb, or adjective. The collocations, are words that occur together to form a natural type of speech. These can be combinations of adjectives plus nouns, adverbs plus adjectives, or verbs plus noun. Go into the deep meaning of these examples. 

The use of these effective methods will help you to get a positive outcome and get a desired score in the PTE reading section.
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