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Ways and Methods to Prepare well for IELTS
Posted on: 23 Dec 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Ways and Methods to Prepare well for IELTS

Among the test takers there are worries about preparing well for IELTS. Where to start, is very difficult to know because there are four modules. Also, there are many tips and strategies for learning. Here, we are advising about five essential steps to prepare for IELTS and also giving the answer to some important questions.

5 Steps on How to Prepare for IELTS

Step 1: Decide about the Right Test

Firstly make sure to know the type of IELTS you must take.

The two versions are IELTS Academic and General Training and they are somewhat different. Make sure that you choose and prepare for the right test.

IELTS Academic is for those intending to apply to study abroad in a university or school, where English is spoken. General Training caters to those who intend to work abroad or immigrate to a country. Many elements of these tests are similar but the reading and writing modules have a difference.

Step 2: Understand the Testing Format Well

It is extremely important to know the general format of the test. Know how the scoring works in IELTS.

  • It is based on many band scores and you must know which you aim for, and the method of calculation across the modules.
  • Look at the official description of IELTS public band to know the grading pattern of an examiner in speaking and writing.
  • Go through one practice test for all modules to know precisely what you need to do in each section of the test.  
  • Attempt one practice test for each module.
  • Improve the timings or specific skills, after knowing what they involve.
  • Read through speaking tests to see the format and the kind of questions asked.
  • Glance at sample writing questions and write an essay and graph academic, or a letter.

Step 3: Studying the Sample Questions and Researching Correct Answers

There are different types of questions and the test takers must know more about them and also have knowledge about the ways people answer these questions.

The model answers for reading and listening are fixed and are right or wrong. The speaking and writing segments have many ways of answering each question. Look at sample answers.

Step 4: Learning the Strategies and Tips

The test takers have to evolve specific strategies about answering specific questions for all test modules (writing, speaking, listening and reading).

Working on different skills each day is important.

It is an English test, and one has to study accordingly.

Involving in English activities   such as like watching English films as well as YouTube videos, apart from reading books and magazines will help with the test.

You don't need to spend all your time on IELTS based activities and if you do you will get very bored.

Step 5: Practicing after Setting Time

After a proper understanding of the test format and knowing the strategies to adopt to get a top score, the next step is to practice in test conditions. Finishing on time is a trait to get a good score. It is an issue with many candidates in the reading and writing sections. The test takers must attempt reading practice tests besides the writing task 1 and 2 questions. The practice test must be strict considering the allocated time in the test (one hour reading, and one-hour writing) plus the 20 minutes on task 1 as well as 40 minutes for task 2.

Candidates must spend much of the time for practicing the Task 1 and 2.

We highlight all the issues and give effective tips.

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