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Use of Brackets in Answers for IELTS Listening
Posted on: 14 Oct 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Use of Brackets in Answers for IELTS Listening

The most important fact to remember is that one cannot use the brackets in the IELTS Listening session. Generally the brackets are used for providing optional or more than one answers.

  • Also, the brackets signify different possible answers for a single question.
  • They also ensure a quick and easy way to answer but they are strictly not usable in the test.
  • The candidates have to give only one answer and not two.
  • Care must be exercised to know if the word is singular or plural.
  • Also ensure the use of the articles a, an, or the. The only exception allowed is for the candidates who appear for the academic test and they are permitted to use the brackets in the Writing Task 1 for presenting the data.
  • When the candidates see a word in the answer key, appearing in brackets, it tells that the word is optional, and they will get marks with or without it. Both the answers will be correct.
  • Also, they must avoid, putting anything in brackets, on their own, on the answer sheet, because that will be marked wrong. Using a bracket may cause a grammatical error, and all the answers must be grammatically correct.
  • Two words also signify that you are making two attempts, at an answer. There will be only one correct answer, and you must practice enough, to put that in the place.
  • All the words in brackets are optional. 
  • Also a reply is correct with or without them.

This is an important point and there must be care in following all the fine points in the matter.

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