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Tips to Master and Achieve A Good Score in IELTS Writing Test
Posted on: 16 Sep 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Tips to Master and Achieve A Good Score in IELTS Writing Test

In this tutorial, you’ll learn

We deal with The IELTS assessment criteria of the writing session here to provide a better understanding of the criteria in use in the test so that the aspirants can prepare effectively. The first principle is to work smartly rather than working hard.

Understanding the subjects that an examiner looks for is vital in the IELTS writing. Once the candidates know the criteria, they can use it as a foundation for practice. There are four assessment criteria

  • Task achievement and response
  • Coherence and consistency
  • Correct usage of Grammar
  • Finest vocabulary

These categories carry 25% in the overall marks

Task Achievement and Response

The General as well as Academic versions of IELTS are different.

Writing Test Part One

In the General Exam in task candidates need to write a letter. In the Academic Test they need to summarize the text.

The task one gives marks for using the following criteria
explanation of reason to write the letter

Addressing the question in full

The letter must maintain the correct tone all through. Do not mix the styles.

In the Academic Test, a candidate has to describe a graph, table, diagram or chart.

The test marking is as follows:

Summarizing logically and including the appropriate data and incorporating significant trends helps to boost the score.

Writing Test Part Two

Part Two has an essay in the general and academic tests.

There has to be an adequate and proper response to all of the questions.

Below is a typical question;

Identify whether the trend is positive or a negative and if there are two questions they must address both. Do not make a list of ideas and thoughts by using commas, but add one thought and then the next. Explain concepts, develop reasoning and advance the thoughts by using proper examples. Present the ideas and justify the stance to do in the test.

Coherence and consistency

Coherence signifies the sequencing of ideas and thoughts logically. It requires:

  • Proper structuring of the answer
  • Making a logical use of paragraphs through sequencing
  • Start the essay with an introduction explaining its content
  • Cover each idea with its own paragraph
  • End with a conclusion
  • Do not present ideas in an abrupt manner
  • Paraphrase the sentence and join them with the ideas

Cohesion is regarding connecting the paragraphs and ideas in an essay. Also use these list words:

  • However,
  • Whereas,
  • On the contrary,
  • While
  • This is to say,
  • To illustrate,
  • For instance,
  • For example
  • Additionally

Also organize sentences and paragraphs logically. Moreover, the ideas must have a flow. Finally do not present ideas abruptly.

The linking words must be used appropriately and in a relevant manner.

Correct usage of Grammar

Grammar signifies the grammatical accuracy of a work. Use the correct sentences and combinations the right active and passive voices besides the Modal auxiliary words, Comparative degrees, Conditionals and finally the applicable punctuation. Also combine complex and simple sentences. You must convey your ideas effectively.


  • Demonstrate a broad vocabulary to get a high score. Use formal and uncommon words more willingly than informal and commonly used words.
  • Use accurate collocations as they go together. People speaking English use the word groups naturally, fluently and effortlessly.
  • Use the widest range of vocabulary
  • Also do not repeat words.
  • Use synonyms or rephrasing of sentences
  • Use the words in the right context.
  • Use the appropriate voice tone.
  • Use formal vocabulary in all tasks
  • Find a list of formal/informal words and also use them extensively.

With these tips you can achieve success in a big way. Good luck.

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