Tips to improve your Vocabulary

Improve your Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, IELTS - Teach5

Improve your Vocabulary, English Vocabulary, IELTS - Teach5

The IELTS is a good test of vocabulary and a quarter of the total marks in the Writing/Speaking   sections cover vocabulary. Even the Reading/Listening sections test vocabulary. Vocabulary in fact involves the use of appropriate words to carry out effective communication.

The Reading section, has the words and phrases mentioned in the text are paraphrased requiring a candidate to understand proper usage. Here are some examples:

Words/phrases used in questions

Words/phrases used in text

Days were in equal length

24 hours of 60 minutes

Divided into two equal halves

Split into two periods

A new

Something fresh

Organizing public events

Coordinating in community activities


Improvement in vocabulary is a time consuming activity involving several days. It is not achieved overnight. In case the candidates start practicing earlier, he/she becomes better. We present a few tips for reference:

  • Search for new words everyday in activities like reading the newspaper, watching a film, listening to some speeches. Also know the words you never heard before. Take time to understand the meaning of the word based on the context or usage. Furthermore cross check with the dictionary. Add it to a list of new words and clearly understand its meaning.
  • Make a List of new words in a notebook and note down pronunciation, meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and collocations.
  • Studying and development of systems to improve and assist memory are fine to practice. These help to learn new words. Learn to use an unfamiliar word in the speech/writing for a long time. It must make a mark in your memory and become a part of vocabulary.

These tips take time but surely improve vocabulary and bring confidence. In fact they give a boost to take the Test. The candidate can also use books and online resources to build vocabulary.


Do not Make a long list of words or try to memorize them Memorization of complicated words may help their use but if they are incorrect contextually it leads to losing marks.  Learn to use the words in an appropriate manner in the right context.
The capacity to learn is enormous in a human mind. Know a dozen new words daily in a foreign language. Start building your vocabulary steadily, so that at the time of the actual test, the performance is great and effective.
At Teach5 we provide functional tips to all the interested persons to take up IELTS.


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