The importance of making notes in IELTS Listening

The importance of making notes in IELTS Listening - Teach5

The importance of making notes in IELTS Listening - Teach5

The habit of the best listeners is to be engaged with what they listen to. This is true for lectures, conversation, talks, podcasts, and commentaries. They are not daydreamers and always attentive to what people say. Additionally, it is very important to be a good listener in the IELTS test also.

Practice making notes

As a part of the IELTS Listening test, the candidate listens to the audio only once. The point is to be attentive all the way through. A good way to practice this is listening to audios or watching videos and also make notes in the process.

Make notes as you watch and deal with these questions. Also, make an attempt to seek more information.

  • What is the object, topic or point of interest?
  • Focus on the idea or belief in the speech
  • What is the story of the character?

Moreover, the listener can find the answers to the questions in the initial minutes of the video.

Listening is an art and here it requires you to perform two tasks of listening and writing simultaneously. It is necessary to take effective notes because this helps in understanding the meaning and logic of listening for the test.

TED talks

The fine thing about TED talks is that a person can watch them several times. There is a transcript to read about the topic also. In the case of weak and limited listening skills, one can open the transcript and follow the talk of the speaker. Using the transcripts you can also check the spellings and have a look for them in the dictionary.

The tips to improve listening are

  • Listening to talks
  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies
  • Observing what the people say and finally,
  • Understanding the meaning of what they say

Start to practice

  • Observe popular TED talks.
  • Watch the talks that interest you
  • Always make notes.
  • Use mock tests
  • Observe the performance.
  • Finally, be keen to improve with each day

By following these tips meticulously, you can succeed in the speaking part of IELTS.

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