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Some Useful Tips for Success in IELTS
Posted on: 31 Dec 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Some Useful Tips for Success in IELTS

Scoring 7 or 8 Bands in IELTS appears difficult and this challenge can be overcome by solving the tasks, true dedication, and excellent communication skills, lots of efforts and by allotting time to study.

Success also depends on the way of writing essays and measures of time management. People with knowledge of the right path get a good score.

Constant practice is necessary to get a good score in IELTS. Practice lots of tests and also be confident to score high.

Understand the Pattern - know the exact pattern of IELTS and go through test modules and become clear about it.

Attend Online Training Sessions – these give you live video classes and lead to perfection.


  • Reading the instructions or questions carefully prior to listening is important. 
  • Get the idea of the situation.
  • Know who speaks, where and why they speak, and it involves reading, writing and listening all simultaneously.
  • Also, focus on signpost words like although; however, and finally and also expect what the speaker is going to say.


  • Skim through texts and try to understand what it is all about. Read the titles and sub-headings carefully.
  • Know the main point of paragraphs as each paragraph has a main idea. The authorities put the questions on main ideas.


  • Don’t write little in task 1 and keep the target of writing 150 words, and 250 words in task 2. Get the idea of the words you normally write on a line. Through this, you will know how many words you can write without counting all the words.
  • Don’t write much as the examiner looks for high quality, and not for quantity.
  • Plan and check your answer and do not start writing with the beginning of time.
  • Use time to check and understand the question, followed by brainstorming ideas and planning of an answer.
  • Also, at the end check your grammar.
  • Allot more time for Task 2 and spend 20 minutes for more marks.
  • Write in a clear way
  • Organize in a clear manner and present paragraphs to the examiner by dividing the arguments and topics.


  • Provide the full answer
  • Speak clearly and do not think of an accent -Enunciate the best so that the examiner can understand you.
  • Using exciting and descriptive words and avoiding boring words that include good, bad, okay or nice, conveys proper emotions. Practice a higher level of words for simple words.
  • Avoid slangs and display the best English that you know
  • Finally, be formal and not be informal
  • Keeping a steady pace and avoiding speaking too fast or too slowly is important.
  • Spend the allotted hours every week for effective preparation.
  • One month preparation is recommended for strategic planning of all the sections.
  • Use the CD provided along with the official guide for practicing.
  • Carefully read the guide for details
  • Pay attention to spellings of names and places.
  • Keep in mind that if there is confusion move on to the next question.
  • Focus on the usage of synonyms.
  • For Writing, practice 5 essays for Task 1 and Task 2.
  • Read vociferously, and improve the vocabulary.
  • For speaking, practice by watching videos of sample IELTS tests.
  • Be honest and truthful but use many complex words and sentences.
  • Practice speaking in front of the mirror
  • Record your voice.

With all these, you can score well.

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