Smart tips to write Task 2 Essay in I.E.L.T.S Writing

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Writing Problem / Solution Essay

The Writing of Task 2 Problem / Solution Essay in I.E.L.T.S, is a test of the capacity to write regarding a problem and suggest the remedies. You get a statement concerning a strong and present issue and have to answer two questions.

The basis of questions

The first asks you regarding identifying the cause of it, and the second, seeks a solution. It involves analyzing the question to ensure that you understand the question. It is of assistance in highlighting underlining the major keywords.

A typical I.E.L.T.S Problem / Solution essay can seek an answer to an urban issue. It will ask the causes and also ask suggestion to solve it.

  • Before writing such an Essay, have a plan.
  • Know the main causes and solutions. At least two problems and two solutions are necessary.
  • It should cover an introduction, two paragraphs and also have a conclusion.
  • Each paragraph must have a topical sentence stating the central idea.
  • The sentences at the top should signify that this is the reason/cause of the issue; and then discuss the proper solutions to it.
  • Use appropriate vocabulary of cause/ effect for explaining the reason the problem.

Introducing the causes

  • A major cause of this issue is ….
  • Possibly the major cause here is …
  • The primary cause of this event is …
  • Another cause here is …
  • Yet another cause is—-
  • This factor also plays a major role in …
  • …… is usually responsible for ——

Useful tips

In case of uncertainty add verbs may or might, which add information about the main verb and help in giving a suggestion
For example:

  • Another cause may / might be …
  • Also write regarding the effects and the results.

Ways of introducing and proposing solutions

The question will be on a set of solutions and hence there is a need of using linking for solutions for instance:

  • First and primarily,
  • Another solution here is
  • Moreover, in addition, furthermore,
  • Finally,

Also do not forget or exceed time and go for editing the write up.
Make sure you:

  • Correct the spelling mistakes
  • Subject and verb agreement
  • Capitalization
  • Grammar and use of the definite and indefinite articles

Writing introduction of an Essay

  • Write a general statement regarding the problem in the introduction.
  • Restate the question in your own unique manner.
  • State that there are many causes for a problem and also suggest some solutions.

The model introduction to the Essay question

Make the introduction in sentences:

  • Firstly make a general statement regarding the topic.
  • Put the question in a unique way
  • Suggest that it is a controversial/ serious issue, discuss it and give valid suggestions
  • Discuss some possible solutions for effective implementation to lighten the problem.

The first Paragraph must have a Discussion of two problems. The second Paragraph must have a Discussion of two solutions and this must be followed by a brief conclusion. Please follow these tips and success will be yours.

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