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Smart Tips to Prepare for IELTS Within 2 Weeks and Obtain A Score of 6.0
Posted on: 21 Sep 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Smart Tips to Prepare for IELTS Within 2 Weeks and Obtain A Score of 6.0

Through this article, we present some tips regarding clearing IELTS in 2 weeks and also achieving a score of 6. IELTS preparation is done with the aim of ensuring fluency in English and getting ready for a Master’s degree in English. Candidates must first immerse in the English language and then develop a few significant skills. Moreover, globally millions take the IELTS for pursuing a higher education abroad or for achieving a dream job in a country Speaking English. 

Preparing well for this test requires duration of two months ideally. The first step is to allot two hours a day for practice to have an overall fine performance. A right plan besides the focused preparation helps to improve the performance.

Two weeks IELTS study plan to score above band 6 in Four Sections

In this section we deal with the four aspects of IELTS: speaking, writing, listening, and finally reading, and also understand the measures for improving the score.

The IELTS Writing Test

The Writing section involves muscular activity of your hands, shoulder and arms. Write for an hour constantly.  Be used to write for such length of time. There are two tests one of 250 words and another of 150 words. Understand what the lengths look like in the handwriting because one cannot count in the test. To address this issues write a long text and stop when you reach a length, and then count the words to know the score

Some Writing Tips for a good score:

  • Build up the essential writing muscles.
  • Practice regularly
  • Learn to judge when you write enough.
  • Use much vocabulary in the writing.
  • Spend a good time to write many words.
  • Also think of words coming from the same root. 
  • Know the words being a noun, verb adjective, and adverb.
  • Focus on word families
  • Focus on sentence structures.
The IELTS Listening Test

A challenge in the IELTS Listening is performing multiple tasks at the same time. It involves reading the question, writing the answer, and listening to the passage all of a sudden, and is an art that is a difficult to master.

Some Listening Tips to get a solid score in IELTS Listening:

  • Watch quiz shows or listen to music with a repeat option for 10 minutes.
  • Listen and understand well. This can be developed more with practice.
  • Listen to podcasts on politics, education, society, and a few radio programs, and give attention to the usage of language.

The IELTS Reading Test

Use of a dictionary is disallowed in the IELTS.  Guess the meaning of words from the context. Reading Test is really tough and most students face this problem.

Follow these tips for a good score IELTS reading:

  • Read one article daily in the last days before the test and also cover a wide range of subjects.
  • Know many specialist terms.
  • When you see an unknown word while preparing, look for the prefixes, root words, and suffixes and know the underlying meaning.
  • Identify the main points without checking every word for the exact meaning.

The IELTS Speaking Test

Speaking is a physical activity and all language use diverse muscles.

Improve fluency and look into the pronunciation to get a good score in IELTS Speaking. 

The section allows candidates to talk regarding their ideas, experiences, and expectations in an accurate and interesting manner

Smart tips to score over 6 in IELTS speaking:

  • Talk much.
  • Be confident.
  • Enjoy using proper English words.
  • Talk fluently
  • Be spontaneous.
  • Speak directly to your Examiner.
  • Develop answers well.
  • Ask for clarifications.
  • Record the reading and listen to identify areas needing a better score or improvement.
  • Record some television and radio interviews.
  • Listen and repeat sentences, using the identical stress and intonation followed by the speaker.
  • Repeat the phrases that are difficult to pronounce.
  • Take enough rest. 
  • Eat well and get enough sleep.
  • Do not remain tired and stressed.
  • If possible get the services of a professional coach or trainer.
  • Be positive to improve the test score.
By following these tips success in IELTS is assured. Good luck.

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