IELTS- Part I: Smart Strategies for a good score in Reading

IELTS Reading, Smart Strategies, Score in Reading - Teach5

IELTS Reading, Smart Strategies, Score in Reading - Teach5

Reading Strategy 1

Students must adapt the skimming technique and acquire the skill to get the gist of a passage. Skipping a difficult word is immaterial when you understand the meaning of the entire passage. The text in IELTS comes with a specialized vocabulary where one can guess the meaning of an unknown word by understanding the general context of the text.

Reading Strategy 2

Reading in a constant manner is important. There is a need to develop a reading habit, and reading various materials. The sources can be online news, blogs, and short stories, articles in a magazine or any other content. Recognizing the type of text will help in answering the questions in a quick manner.

These are the types of IELTS texts:

  • Analytic Text: These Discuss reasons of why something happens and cite the explanations.
  • Descriptive Text: These describe a situation and offer an explanation regarding doing something.
  • Discursive Texts: These Share diverse opinions expressed on an issue.
  • Narrative Texts: these Explain the chronological sequence of all events

Reading Strategy 3

Learn the art of skimming. Stress on the technique and read the article quickly. Jump over the unimportant words and understand the basic idea of a paragraph for answering the questions.

Reading Strategy 4

Scanning is also an important strategy. It is useful to look for something specific. Adapt the scanning technique and get the location of answers in the texts. Search for words beginning with capital letters, prominent words, besides numbers, dates, and names of places.

Reading Strategy 5

Focus on what is asked to do in the completion type questions.  Be specific if the answer is a word or a phrase.
These are the smart and ideal strategies that help the students to prepare well for IELTS Reading.

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