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Powerful and Creative IELTS Self Study Plan
Posted on: 03 Oct 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Powerful and Creative IELTS Self Study Plan

If one has a plan to study overseas in a native-English speaking nation, it is very important to provide an evidence of Skills in English Language through the IELTS test. A self-study plan, being highly organized, and having a focus, all help to score a good band.

Details of the IELTS Study Plan

A study Plan leads to success in an examination. It is an organized schedule outlining learning goals and study times. By developing a study plan one can get a high score.

Importance of creating the IELTS Study Plan

  • It saves valuable time in preparing for IELTS. 
  • It attends to the weak points which are different for different people.
  • It helps in clarifying goals and overcoming weaknesses, and leads to concentration more on weak points and track improvement.

There are online portals providing a series of well-organized materials as well as tips in IELTS preparation.

Creating the IELTS Study Plan

Before such creation consider the factors that help to develop an Accurate Action Plan for the test.

  • Decide about the time you can spend on IELTS for each day/week.
  • Do some research prior to creation of the study-plan? 
  • Understand the test format properly.
  • Get familiar with test versions, processes and tasks.
  • Always remember the deadline of your IELTS in mind.
  • Also allocate some time for each practice and skill daily.
  • Review the plan often.
  • The rules must be flexible and not strict.
  • Creating an IELTS Self-study Plan
  • Do not hurry in the IELTS test just a week before, to get the dream score but have an optimal time- frame of three months, to be at peace in creating strategies for achieving a good score.

The general strategy to create self-study plan

Step 1:

All the test takers attempting for the first time, must take the help of professionals. Also someone familiar with the test can suggest help regarding knowing your weak areas and consequently improving them.

Also visit a professional counselor and follow the advice. They can look at all the features of writing, listening, speaking, and reading and also give an idea about reaching the targeted score.

Step 2:

Thoroughly understand of what IELTS is about how it works and the process of assessment and point calculation. There are online portals providing the entire details of the IELTS, its importance, and IELTS tips for scoring high. Know about the past and present topics. Also know the question types clearly.

Step 3:

  • Set up a realistic time-frame for studying.
  • Set practical, possible and realistic goals.
  • Go for a thorough assessment and arrive at the competing level in IELTS.
  • Analyze the Time availability for studying, scoring needs and the preparations you made.
  • Find just and realistic answers to the above questions and know the strong and weak areas.

Step 4:

In IELTS, consistent practice is essential. 

  • Spend time every day to do something connected to English.
  • Put the efforts and hours in practice.
  • Listen English music or Read something in English and Talk to a partner in English on Skype
  • Make a Weekly Plan like listening to a podcast, reading online articles, familiarizing with the structure of questions, practicing essay writing, reading books, newspapers and novels, familiarizing with the essay and reading ideas, speaking practice with a friend, constant practice sessions, speaking session on a favorite subject, focusing on speaking skills, revision of the work to get fresh ideas, and finally the practice of TASK 1 and 2 questions
  • Repeat planned sessions for two or three weeks

This plan can be customized considering your strong and weak areas. Customize allocating more hours for weak areas and constant practice on the plan is of utmost importance. With these tips you can succeed and get a fine score. Good luck.

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