Outlining success-IELTS Speaking Cue Card Analysis and Model Answers

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Analysis and Model Answers

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Analysis and Model Answers

We present an analysis of the recent IELTS speaking cue card. We also provide the model answer. The candidates can attempt this IELTS speaking Cue Card for one time ahead of reading the answers.

IELTS Cue Card

Describe an e-mail of importance which you received in the recent past:

  • Who sent the e-mail?
  • Date on which you received it and finally
  • Explain its importance

IELTS Answer Speaking Task

E-mail actually is the electronic mail in brief. It serves as a modern and fast way to communicate. This marks a useful entry of technology in our lives today. I present my views regarding a long-awaited mail. The mail was supposed to come from the company in which I attended the Interview.

I had appeared for the Interview and the company had informed about the time they would give a reply. That date was fast approaching and every day I waited for it with increased intensity.  I wanted the details of it, like the success in it, the Joining Date, the salary, and the office atmosphere. Another friend had also appeared with me for it and received a reply regarding his success. I was eager but did not receive it. I was nervous and restless but positive of a reply. Finally, the e-mail arrived and I landed the job. I felt happy after seeing this mail.

It was important to me because it was changing my life. Moreover, it was one step towards fulfilling my employment dream.

Q -How often do you write an e-mail?
A- I write many e-mails. Moreover, it is a convenient, cheap and quick way of communication.

IELTS Speaking Task 3

Q.1 In your opinion, will the letter writing become a thing of the past in the future? Why?

In my opinion, it is a possibility in the future. The e-mails serve a purpose effectively and are also popular. All organizations are using them in a big way.

Q.2.Why do senior people prefer writing letters?

These people have written letters for many years and also do not have a desire to change. They find it difficult to try something, new and prefer to write letters.

Q.3.What is the change brought by technology in our lives?

Technology impacts greatly on our lives. Additionally, several aspects of technology help to make our life easy.

Q.4.How will computers transform in the future?

Computers are also becoming more advanced with each passing day. They have an impact on all aspects of life. Health, Education, Entertainment are the sectors where they have a great influence.

Q.5. Define the role played by computers in the educational field?

A. Computers and the internet make a fine contribution to education. Also, there is huge information to deal with. Furthermore, Computers visualize things where everyone remembers such visuals in a better way.

Q.6 – Is it necessary to be computer literate today?

Yes, – Computer literacy is important today, because everything, all the services, and facilities are on the path of computerization. An individual, not having the computer knowledge will face many challenges.

Q.7 Would the e-books serve as a replacement of the traditional books?

In my opinion, it is possible that the popularity of e-books is set to increase but these will not be a replacement of the traditional books.

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