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Opinion Essay IELTS: When to Give Your Opinion
Posted on: 18 Nov 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Opinion Essay IELTS: When to Give Your Opinion

IELTS known for being a proficiency test is world-renowned and has a high recommendation in English language. It has acceptance in all leading colleges and universities universally. It also requires proper knowledge in clearing the test. Furthermore, understanding of guidelines must be proper to ensure success.

Giving an opinion, in the IELTS essay, is vital in Writing Task 2 of the IELTS.  As a result, you must clearly understand whether to choose one side or have a balanced view before giving the opinion. Also by failing to give an opinion essay on asking, you fail the task.

When should you give an opinion in IELTS?

• We present major tips on giving an opinion in the IELTS essay.

• Do not give an opinion in the essay when the question says what you think?

• Do not give an opinion unless you are asked for giving it

• Maintain the same opinion till the IELTS essay ends.

• Do not sit on the fence, and also take an understandable position on opinion

Types of essays in IELTS

These tips help in understanding when to give an opinion essay. Also when you find these terms, you can certainly start giving your opinion in the essay. 

Types of Essays in IELTS Writing Task 2

• What do you think?

• What is your opinion or view?

• Do you agree/disagree with this?

• Is it the right thing……?

• Are there more benefits or drawbacks?

• Are the advantages outweighing the disadvantages?

• Is it positive or negative?

• Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

• Do you feel this is the right thing?

• Discuss both views here

Some instances of opinion essays in IELTS:

The advancement in technology, has replaced jobs done by hand with machines these days. Do you agree/disagree? 

The advancement in technology, has replaced jobs done by hand with machines these days. Does this advancement bring advantages or more disadvantages? 

When technology advances unemployment happens in several countries. Express your view?

The initial thoughts on seeing the questions are:

• I do not know anything on this

• I do not have knowledge on this

• How/ what should I write?

• What is this about?

The best trick to score big in the IELTS band is to provide exactly what the examiners want.

How do you write an essay in IELTS Writing Task 2?

After mastering the following concepts one can achieve the top IELTS score.

• Necessary Information

• Important Skills

• Preparation in Task 2

• Common Topics

• Full Lessons on Types of Question

• Focus on Grammar and Vocabulary

• Sentence Structures

• Providing Sample Answers

• Correction Services

• Online Courses

• Easily Understandable graphics

The duration of an opinion essay in Task 2 is 40 minutes involving writing 250 or more words in an academic style. 

Also prior to giving an opinion essay, you need to consider these issues:

Analyze the Question

Before commencing writing analyze the question for some minutes and identify the major keywords. This will help you to write matter relevant to a question as an irrelevant answer affects your score.


Planning is crucial in writing tasks in the IELTS. It helps you to organize the ideas and to structure your thoughts accurately by providing the correct answers. Moreover, it saves time and avoids incomplete answers due to the paucity of time.

Understand the Question

It is of great importance to understand what the examiner exactly expects. Check the previous papers and understand this question.

Identifying many weak points

It is of great importance to identify weak areas and gain a good score in the IELTS. Connect with experts and heed to their advice to fix issues.

The art of writing an opinion essay for IELTS

There are three major parts

• The Introduction,

• The Essay body

• Conclusion

• Introduction

• Paragraphs in the body

• Conclusion


Introduction is important and must contain the correct words that reflect the answer to a question.

Paragraphs in the Body:

It needs deep working because an examiner checks your capabilities and the ways you can answer. Also, include 2-3 paragraphs in the body.  State your primary points, and offer support with clear cut explanations.


The final-task involves summarizing the essay. Restate your opinion and go for summarizing your essay. The perfect conclusion should be just one or two sentences. Include the main points, paraphrase the thesis and then close your essay. 

Task 2 of IELTS writing can become easy to do if candidates follow these guidelines and score high. Please Contact Us for any details.

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