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Improving Language Skills for A Big Success in IELTS, and PTE
Posted on: 06 Nov 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Improving Language Skills for A Big Success in IELTS, and PTE

Indian immigrants are keen to search in the world and avail better opportunities, in the pursuit of education, or for a better career. In The process of migration the world seeks the best immigrants, who are good in speaking English. The countries prefer success in IELTS and PTE that test the language skills of a person. 

The test takers must know what they test structure. IELTS: 

The IELTS is together owned by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English, and IDP: IELTS Australia. There are four components in IELTS: Listening held for 30 minutes, followed by Reading involving 60 minutes and then is the turn of Writing for 60 minutes and finally speaking for 11–15 minutes. The total time in the test is 165 minutes.

In PTE the organizers are Pearson PLC a multinational British company, known for publishing and education, with headquarters in London. 

There are three main modules in PTE Academic: Speaking plus writing held for 77 -93 minutes, followed by Reading for 32 -41 minutes and then is the turn of Listening for 45-57 minutes. It is completed in 3 hours involving a single sitting. Going through the exam modules as well as syllabus, one can realize similarities in the exam modules but they vary on the grading mechanism. 

We present a few tips to help test takers to qualify in both the tests.

Effective tips

• Increase your vocabulary

• Learn proper pronunciation; and also include the native speakers. 

• Owning a dictionary is the brightest idea. 

• Do not spend time on using complex words. 

• The best thing is to Listen, constant reading, writing extensively, and thinking.

• Minimize overlapping of languages.

• Listening to podcasts, English audio books, and news feeds is the best way to absorb pronunciation. 

• Write down all the thoughts in English. 

• Summarize the day’s learning. 

• Rewrite a story that you read. Rewriting an interesting article in your own words is also a great idea.

• Set a word limit and ensure proper timing on your own.

• Speak to all close friends, family members, colleagues, as well as the professors in English only. This will help to ease test 
stress and add to the confidence. 

• Make a voice recording replay and analyze the mistakes. 

• Have a Focus on the vowel sounds when you speak. Get a familiarity with overseas accents. 

• Have personal trainers for PTE and IELTS. With a personal trainer, you can take the right path as he/she can help you in conversation and expressing yourself in a big way.

• Monitor your progress and pay attention to the feedback regarding your practices.

• A mock-session is a good way to learn about your mistakes. 

• Practice much.

Through all this you can get a good score and also ensure a better future.

We bring all the relevant information before you and you can Contact Us for guidance and tips.

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