IELTS Writing: the importance of spelling

IELTS Writing: the importance of spelling - Teach5

IELTS Writing: the importance of spelling - Teach5

The word count and spelling and punctuation are the two areas of focus in this post.  Candidates can lose marks in the General Training and also in Academic Writing if they do not pay attention.

1. The number of words necessary to write

Task 1 clearly states that candidates must write 150 words, and for Task 2 it is 250 words. Only 23% of written answers come close to the word count. Not writing the necessary number of words, leads to losing points, and hence it is important to write rightly.

Also, find out approximately the space necessary to write 150 and 250 words. Write an essay and count 150 words and also have a close look at the number of lines that are necessary. Again add 100 words and relook at the space of 250 words. Also, this exercise gives an idea regarding the word count being right.

2. The importance of spelling

Spelling is greatly important in Writing and also in Reading/Listening. Spelling a word wrong during the Listening test, will not get marks. The Writing test helps in judging your ability to spell correctly. When the score is Band 8, the candidate has very few errors in spelling, but in Band 5, the candidate makes noticeable errors in spelling.

Spelling in English has many features and is also difficult. The effective way to improve in it is to learn words constantly one by one. You can start by looking at the written work of the past, on which the teacher made a marking. Look for such words where the spelling was wrong and write them down. There is a simple and effective method to learn the correct spelling of each word:

  1. View the word.
  2. Cover it with a piece of paper.
  3. Write the word as per your spelling.
  4. Check if the spelling is correct.

In case of incorrect, spelling, you need to repeat the process.

3. Points on punctuation

Punctuation is difficult for persons whose first language is different from the Roman script, like Hindi, Chinese, or Arabic. Do not forget to write the capital letter at the beginning of the sentence. The examiner takes a serious view it happens frequently, and you can lose marks. Be aware and also Take care of the punctuation.

Please follow these steps and you will get the success.

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