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IELTS Tips from a Top Candidate Scoring 9.0
Posted on: 24 Oct 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

IELTS Tips from a Top Candidate Scoring 9.0

For most test takers in the IELTS, scoring 8.0 is a tough and challenging task but there are some people who have recorded 9.0. We share some valuable tips from such achievers for the inspiration of IELTS test takers.


For the people who do not speak English much actually sitting down for the Speaking session is confusing. This results in nervousness, stammering or, a scary feeling to speak English.

The three portions of a test need the greatest and constant practice. Firstly there are general questions about yourself. Secondly, there is a topic for preparing a short speech. The timing here is one minute for preparing and two minutes to speak. Four to five minutes, are allotted to answer questions regarding what you spoke.

It is better to hear the IELTS Speaking session videos on Youtube for developing the exam idea. The Cambridge IELTS 1-13 book series is a good resource. These usually are papers or past years dealing with IELTS questions.

Selecting the Speaking questions and practicing with a friend is good. Sit for simulated mock tests available with IDP, the British Council, and English language training centers in the country.

Also treat the speaking mock, as the real test. Listen to the mock examiner for feedback on ways of improvement.


There are different accents in the speaking test, involving playing four different sets of recording in the Listening test. Firstly there is a conversation between two persons in everyday setting; secondly it involves one person speaking on general topics. Afterwards four people talk regarding an academic topic and finally there is a class lecture in the Academic IELTS.

It is better to watching English TV series regularly. There are recommendations regarding special IELTS movies that help in improving listening skills. The tests from the past can be seen on Youtube.

Also incorporate some tips and tricks. Underline the major words in each question. Hear the distinct words and tone. Be quick and ready for the next question soon after attempting one. Moreover there is a separate answer sheet. You get time to put answers in the sheet later. Solve all things in the question paper, and then copy them to the answer sheet in the assigned time.


There are three long passages, and forty questions. This section looks for your skills in comprehension. Look at the questions before reading the passages. In it mark the keywords of questions and when you come across those words or synonyms in a passage, you can see the details quickly and write them down.


This section is challenging as there are two segments to write in one hour. Do not take much time for the first and also aim to complete the second. Start with the second segment time yourself and complete it in 35 minutes. The second task has the writing of 250 words within 40 minutes.

The  first task of graph analysis, involves writing 150 words. Conclude the section in 20 minutes. While you practice writing at home, estimate the length of write ups, notice how many pages you use for 150/ 250. In the exam center, follow this estimate and do not waste time to count words.

When you look at the chart, graph, or table, also look at the trend catching your eye. When a portion is big in a bar graph or pie chart describe it carefully. Also, ensure to include all things that are reduced by time. Avoid using irrelevant information.

In the second task examiners ask opinion on a topic. It is a full essay and should be written accordingly, but heed the word limit and time. Introduction as well as conclusion should be limited to two (or three) sentences.

While practicing at home, use online resources that help to improve speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Use special guidebooks that that deal with all aspects of the test.

Finally, confidence is the major factor in success. Good luck.

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