IELTS Speaking: Use imagination and experience of others

IELTS Speaking: Use imagination and experience - Teach5

IELTS Speaking: Use imagination and experience - Teach5

Whenever a candidate has no experience of a subject, responding to it is not an issue.  When there are questions on a topic, for which they do not know, it is better to understand that IELTS is not related to testing knowledge/experience. Also, not having the knowledge/experience in a specific domain is not a problem. There is no expectation about a correct/incorrect answer in the IELTS speaking test.

Checking and trial

Furthermore, the important point is that all questions IELTS undergo a check and trial all around the world for ensuring a sense of fairness and equality. It considers all the places where the test is held. Also, there is an effective way to answer questions considering all levels of knowledge. Moreover, avoid irrelevant answers and do not assume that not knowing anything about a topic allows you to talk about a different topic. This is full of dangers. If an examiner considers an answer to be irrelevant, that answer cannot be used for assessing the score of the speaking test. There will be no generation of marks. Also, responding while not knowing anything regarding a specific subject has two options.

Option 1: Search for an alternative

Search for an alternative way of answering the question. One option is admitting you do not know much.  Use some signposting language which helps the listener to understand what you intend to say next. Speak about something interesting and start talking about a similar version. Also, highlight the major features.

Option 2: Speak from the experience of others

Talk about the experience of a family member/friend.  Recall about the experience of a relative. It will be all right to tell the examiner that you have not experienced this happening or event. This is still following the instructions and speaking on the topic. Candidates must put these strategies into practice, and succeed in the IELTS.

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