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IELTS Recorded 3.5 Million A Year
Posted on: 02 Apr 2020  |   Category: IELTS ,

IELTS Recorded 3.5 Million A Year

Mobile international workforce migration and internationalisation of higher education has aided in a continuous demand for IELTS worldwide. 2018 marked about 3.5 million IELTS tests.

Since it was introduced in 1989, IELTS has been widely regarded by both academics and students as the benchmark of English language testing. Candidates are judged on four central areas – experience, authenticity, quality, and global reach – it has proved itself time and again. Since decades it is, quite simply, the best way to gauge the English skills of your students and staff for millions of colleges, universities, and companies around the world.

IELTS is an established platform for over the past 20 years; more than six million candidates have taken the test. Its existence goes back to a decade before when a group of British academics considered creating a fair, accessible and effective test of English. The present exam and its forums are a product of 30 years of their investment in development and fundamental research. The establishment of IELTS is such that the sources are well assured of its test administrators and candidates due to the continual refreshing resources and also an unwanted repetition of material. Globally considered and trusted as a platform for its crucial testing terms.

IELTS tests authentic skills of communication leading to success. They recognize the essential skill the stakeholders are looking for: the ability to converse in real-life situations. IELTS has always used face-to-face interface as part of the speaking test because it’s by far the most realistic option. It generates the most comfortable performance from the candidate and, the candidate feels more relaxed speaking to a real person rather than a computer. This attention to legitimacy is part of all four sections of the IELTS test: listening, speaking, reading and writing. IELTS tasks replicate real language aptitude for academic use and everyday experiences.

IELTS is an international test for international agility. The test is taken by more than a million candidates each year in over 130 countries with each test centre offering unmatched customer service and support. This global grasp is a term that understands both its clients and its clients’ markets: the real-life questions are obtained by writers based in the UK, Australia, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. This internationalism also relates to the managing partnership of IELTS, which syndicates the missions of four international organizations dedicated to academic excellence, cultural understanding, student recruitment and creating success worldwide.

IELTS is at the radical of English language testing and is one of the world’s most studied English language tests. IELTS is owned in collaboration by the British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English. IELTS remains to be the language test that sets the standard through its extraordinary level of quality, validity, security and overall integrity.

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