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IELTS Reading: Smart tips regarding attempting multiple-choice questions
Posted on: 31 Jan 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Smart tips for multiple choice questions in IELTS Reading - Teach5 In IELTS Reading, the most important factor to consider is the time. There are three passages to read in 60 minutes, and the candidates have to be in a hurry. In such cases, they can commit the mistakes easily. Here some hard work is necessary, before arriving at the examination hall. We present significant facts regarding multiple choice questions appearing in the Reading section.


The candidates have more than a multiple choice task in the section of IELTS Reading. Read all the instructions carefully for the first passage. Also, choose the correct answer for each question. Based on time go ahead, and complete the task. Moving on to the second passage, do not skip the instructions and select the right options for the question. It need not be similar to the first set of multiple choices. Certainly, in the second task, the candidates have to choose three/one option for a question, if the test had asked two replies in the first task. Going by the way of answering like the first task, will lead to nil marks.


  • Read all the instructions for each section in a careful manner,
  • Use your knowledge of the world,
  • Also, use your common sense to get the answer to a multiple choice question,
  • Using the choice of words or the situation, do the elimination exercise,
  • Go back to the passage, to find a thing relevant or related
  • In case there is a doubt, make a guess. There is no penalty for a wrong answer.
  • Candidates get credit for correct answers.
  • While leaving an answer blank, do not get confused, and do not write the next answer in a hurry.
  • The areas to consider and attach importance are skimming the text and knowing the questions,
  • Ensure that you know synonyms,
  • Also understanding the task types is important
  • Finally, focus on True and False as also Not Given in question options.
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