IELTS Reading: Importance of Time management in achieving a good score

IELTS Reading Tips for Time Management to achieve a good score - Teach5

IELTS Reading Tips for Time Management to achieve a good score - Teach5

Some candidates complete the paper in just an hour in the IELTS Reading.  Furthermore, some candidates complain regarding the lack of time in it. For them the articles are tough and impossible to complete in an hour. Here we present a set of smart ways for managing time in the Reading test.

The three sections

Before starting, imagine that you have 50 minutes for completing all the questions. In order to get a high band score set aside 10 minutes in the end for checking whether all answers are correct.

Furthermore, all sections are not equal. The first section has a text and questions which will are easier in comparison to the other two. Read the topic sentences only, and also go into the questions straightly. This will help to know where the answers are available in the text. Attempt the first section in seven to ten minutes. This also should be the aim while you work on the practice test next time

Additional tips

The second and third sections will have a set of tricky questions. These require detailed reading. The sentences in the reading section are complex and long. It will be wise not to be careless, or distracted. There is a great need to infer all information correctly. Spend fifteen minutes in these sections and also read each article.

  • Scan through the questions first.
  • Attempt to answer each set of the questions.
  • Go through the introduction and also know the topic at hand.
  • Practice the reading of long news articles until you finish them comfortably within 15 minutes.

For having the finest test result, always work hard.  Also read similar articles.

Moreover, when the Sentences in a passage are complex, they need careful reading.

The final check

  • When only ten minutes are left, check your answers and never go wrong like the most candidates.
  • Check the spellings, read the questions again and answer them in your heart.
  • Also be confident and sure about the answers.
  • Also realize if that was a trick question.
  • In case of having a doubt about the answer, look at the passage again.
  • Finally, check the answer numbers to match with the question numbers.
  • Ensure that the answers appear in the right boxes.

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