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IELTS Preparation: Effective Tips to Boost Band Score by Using Mobile
Posted on: 11 Sep 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

IELTS Preparation: Effective Tips to Boost Band Score by Using Mobile

People have a habit of checking their mobile many times every day that is as per a report 17 times in a day or spending 27 hours a week. These devices are at our fingertips, and offer many opportunities to boost the IELTS score. We present three ways to master the IELTS by using the mobile.

Practicing for IELTS Reading and Listening

The IELTS Guide for Teachers mentions that IELTS test passages in Academic Reading are extracted from journals, books, magazines and also a few newspapers on the academic topics of universal interest. The selection is for a non specialist audience.  The method to do well in IELTS Reading is being familiar with this type of text and doing background reading.

Through the smart phone users can access many major newspapers in English freely. Additionally the Mobiles offer good reading because you carry them. Reading an article is easy in all places. This also facilitates preparation for your Reading test. Try The Guardian UK, The Age (Australia) or the New York Times (US).  Candidates can also practice IELTS Listening equally through channels like the BBC Radio 4. It’s excellent to select a program of your interest.

Moving to vocabulary work

The designing of IELTS Word Power app of the British Council specifically caters to build vocabulary in the IELTS test. It organization meets the themes of Work and business, Social issues, Mass media, Science and technology, having the target words and also the practice activities for all themes. Candidates can spend most of the time to learn new words that appear in the Listening and Reading tests, or are useful in Speaking and Writing.

Taking the advice of IELTS experts

Preparing for IELTS is very important. Read blog posts, work through the IELTS preparation book, and take the advice of the teachers or seek help from the website of IELTS. Additionally, the IELTS Tips app of Clarity will offer advice to get the best band score. You receive daily one tip for 30 days, in an easily remember able form. The tip givers are experts of the British Council, IELTS teachers and examiners having a rich global experience. Additionally the Word Power and IELTS Tips app are free. One can download it easily.

So checking a phone is a good way to increase the IELTS band score. Good luck and success to you.

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