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IELTS Preparation and the Importance of Knowing Weak Areas
Posted on: 14 Dec 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

IELTS Preparation and the Importance of Knowing  Weak Areas

The preparation of IELTS needs a lot of time. Also, some studies prove that when independent learners still know that their language skills are strong or weak, they spend extra time only on the strong areas. Often the students eventually prefer to stay in the comfort zone. Owing to the limited time that is available to the test-taker, it is greatly important to move away from the comfort zone and spend much time where it can create a great impact.

A Good Solution

Firstly they must know about the strong areas and about the weak areas. There has to be a study planner to cover all four requisite skills. Opt for the practice activities, and reflect also on the performance. Make fine use of it, and know the relative performance in all four skills involved.  

Practice activities are important.  In case of registration for IELTS held under British Council, you get the Last Minute version without paying a fee. IELTS practice tests and calculator for the band score in Road to IELTS give a broad idea of these band scores for Reading and Listening.

Secondly, know the time available for spending on the preparation of IELTS. Also after going through a study planner and study sheet for time management, you get an idea of the skills needed to spend the time on, and the time you can spend.

Timetable and Revision

Subsequently, it is very important to create a timetable for revision. Allot the available time to all the four segments: Writing, Reading, Speaking and listening, and give more time to the weakest skill. Know the hours per day that you are now spending on the skill set.

Finally, there is a need for discipline. It is our nature to spend extra time on good and enjoyable areas. This tendency will not be of help to get a good score that you need. Move out of the comfort zone, be disciplined, and then you can give a good performance in IELTS. We help you in the efforts to get a good score and you can contact us.

We bring all the relevant information before you and you can Contact Us for guidance and tips.

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