IELTS Grammar rules to know and remember

IELTS Grammar Rules, IELTS Training, IELTS Test - Teach5

IELTS Grammar Rules, IELTS Training, IELTS Test - Teach5

Whenever a candidate writes perfect and accurate English in writing task 1 and task 2 with correct verb tenses precise use of articles is precise and also uses plural nouns correctly there is good progress. Still, there are a few measures to take.

The top score to receive for grammar in IELTS writing while writing simple and compound sentences is 4.

Structure of giving marks

Moreover, the IELTS examiners give marks to writing while going from the bottom up. They assume zero and after a candidate proves the talent the marks increase.  In case of a stumble, the marks end. They need to write many subordinate clauses. The IELTS tests the knowledge and also the capacity to use a variety of sentences. Use a variety of grammar in writing tasks 1 and 2. There needs to be a thorough knowledge of Simple and Compound sentences, Complex sentences with subordinate clauses, question sentences, Passive Sentences and finally the conditional sentences.

The complex sentences

The complex sentences with subordination are very important as they play a major role in obtaining a score higher than 4 for grammar. This has an effect on your overall writing score.  The IELTS writing criteria is based on Tasks, Structure, Vocabulary and Grammar.  The complex sentences are very important. Writing complex sentences with subordination has to include powerful words and we are attaching a list of using them.

The list

The words are after, as, although, before, because, even, even though, even if, in order that, if, once, provided that, since, rather than, so that, so, than, though, that, until, unless, when, where, whenever, whereas, wherever, while, whether, why, which, who, whichever, whoever, whom, whose, whosoever, whomever. These words are truly important and can enhance the marks when used accurately.  Include a wide range and variety of sentence and grammar while writing the test. Finally, it is hugely important to be accurate.

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