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IELTS – Effective Tips for Completing Reading Summary
Posted on: 13 Sep 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

IELTS – Effective Tips for Completing Reading Summary

Summary completion is an important question type in the IELTS Reading Test. This question type appears in both for the IELTS Academic Test and in the IELTS General Training Test. It can be mastered by following some tips and strategies. Here we analyze the reasons behind the test takers losing marks and the methods of preventing them.

The diverse types of questions commonly appearing in the IELTS reading test are:

1. IELTS reading –completing the summary

2. Completing the Note

3. Completing the Table

4. Diagram labeling

5. Completing the Sentences

6. Completing the Flow chart

7. Matching the ending of sentences

8. Matching the nouns and adding the information

9. Matching the paragraph that contains information

10. Matching the list of headings/titles

11. Multiple choice questions and selecting one option 12. Multiple choice questions and selecting two options

13. True or false and not given

14. Yes or no and not given

15. Questions involving a Short answer 

Effective notes on summary completion and methods of completing

First of all, candidates must understand that completing summary is in the category of filling in the blanks, and it is compulsory in the reading test for academic and also in general training module. Firstly they must identify the type of summary.

There are two kinds of summary completion questions

1. Summary completion having no options:

In some cases there is a paragraph having some blank spaces which need completion after referring to the original text. The paragraph exists without an option to select. Refer to the paragraph, and also read it carefully thereby predicting the right answer and subsequently finalizing it. This is a direct technique.

2. Summary completion having options:

In this case you find that there are some options below the summary paragraph, to choose. Please Note that if there are options there are two forms of writing the answers depending on the instructions.

Case 1: Summary completion which contains good options

Sometimes, below the paragraph of summary completion, you will notice that there are several options that are given in the form of words. These words are usually taken from the paragraph, however, not in all cases are the words similar to what you see in the text.

For some question types, there are synonyms of the answers as options. Be aware of the details and also know the synonym proper and write it as an option in the answer.

An example is that the synonym for the word purchase is “buy”. Write it as an answer.

Case 2: Summary completion with alphabetical options:

Sometimes, the options are in alphabets. In such cases, realize that you must write the answer only as an alphabet and not as words.

In case a test taker does not read the instructions properly and writes an answer in words, it is an error and there are no marks for it. They must firstly focus on reading all instructions properly.

Step 1: 

This involves identifying this question type. Its heading will ask to read as complete the summary below. This clearly indicates that it belongs to the completing the summary question. It is followed by word instruction. There are instructions like:

1. Using a single word

2. Writing the answer in one word or one number

3. Not more than two words

4. Not more than three words.

Step 2: 

In some of the questions, you notice a heading for the summary which serves as a guide for test takers to see the right part of the text and also find the right answer. Underline the keywords here.

Step 3: 

Here the answers are not in a sequence.  At times, the context relates to a different part of the paragraph requiring the test taker to be careful and read the full context before the answer is confirmed.

Step 4: 

This requires the prediction of answer depending on the underlined keywords in the question and confirming the answer. In many cases, the answers are nouns. Give a close attention to keywords, mark them properly and understand what you search exactly. Thus the summary completion is easy and helps the people who practice to get a perfect score. Contact us for guidance and direction in this matter. 

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