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Highpoints for Improving Visa Application through success in IELTS
Posted on: 12 Sep 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

Highpoints for Improving Visa Application through success in IELTS

Canada Immigration wants the successful candidates to possess proficiency in English and French languages. All the candidates must aim to achieve a good score for selection in the draws, and be in a leading position, to receive the Invitation to Apply. It is very important to know that the Canadian Government wants a good score in the languages as this plays a very important role in your eligibility to immigrate to the country. Jobs in Canada are easy to get because of this.

Another greatly important point is that the performance in International English Language Training System makes or breaks the CRS score. Success mainly depends on it.

All the aspirants starting start their process of visa application must take the language test and also ensure a good chance to obtain permanent residence visa.

Features of the International English Language Training System

IELTS tests cost for visa application to Canada

The English Training System here four test components - Listening, speaking, reading and writing effectively. The aim of this is establishing the credentials regarding effective communications in Canada. This will also have a direct impact on adapting to life in Canada, after immigration. This is also of great importance when you hope to work in the country.

Effective communications add much value to you and you can be an asset in the Canadian workforce. Please also note, that all language tests are not accredited or recognized by the government, and ensure that at whatever place you the tests it must be aligned with the guidelines of IELTS.

Additionally there are two modules in the IELTS. These are the General Training Model which caters to people hoping Canadian immigration. It is followed by the Academic Test, for the persons seeking further education at institutions located in Canadian provinces. Before preparing for the test, be clear about the motives to move to Canada and prepare accordingly.

The right module has a cost of $200 and $250 US Dollars depending on the test center. Be well prepared before taking the test to avoid the inconvenience of retaking it and also avoid the delay in your application for Canadian immigration.

Pattern of scoring in the IELTS Tests

Working as an immigrant or studying in Canada requires the candidates to obtain a band score of 5.5 in the General Training. It is 6.5 or above in the Academic Test. The Requirement also depends at the discretion of the employer institution, or the province.

Thus extensive preparation for the IELTS course leads to better scoring. Take up the assistance of qualified and experienced from instructors who are knowledgeable.

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