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Essential Tips to Cope Up with the IELTS Preparation
Posted on: 17 Jan 2020  |   Category: IELTS ,

Essential Tips to Cope Up with the IELTS Preparation

The people preparing for the IELTS have to cope up with nerves on the day of the test. There is a constant pressure to do better, added with the Exam stress, that is frustrating; leading to a negative impact on the overall band score. We present the measures that test-takers can take to feel prepared and not be nervous on the test day. It is important to get into a good form.  

Think and Shine

• Get enough sleep one night before the test.

• Be sharp and stay focused in the Listening test.

• You get to hear the IELTS Listening audio only once, and hence have the best concentration.

• Consider the date on which you are going to take up the IELTS. Be physically and mentally ready to take the intense, three-hour session.

• Tune yourself to the test condition and allow your brain to be at its best at that particular time.

• If the IELTS starts at eight, attend all your practice tests at that time only for several days. This will help your body and mind to be accustomed to functioning well at that hour of the day. 

• Exercise well and shake off stress and sleep deeply one night before the test. Schedule for having a cup of tea and also avoid a big breakfast. 

• Think of this entire routine in advance.      


• In the IELTS do not pay any attention to the surroundings, because most of the candidates are also nervous. 

• Also do not interact with others and just focus on the test papers. 

• Do not get distracted by the sounds of pencil-writing, or coughing.

• Focus on the task for the required period.

• For this, you need plenty of practice ahead. This is an important part of IELTS preparation.

Controlling the Stress

• Be confident as the stress is in the mind. 

• Do not fear that you will fail in obtaining the desired IELTS band score. 

• Take IELTS mock tests

• Practice papers for checking your test level.

• Aim for an IELTS 7.0 and do not fear the test.

• Take language proficiency tests.

• Improve your English to get the band score that you need. 

• The IELTS follows a set pattern and the question types are of a regular nature. In case you do not do well you can try again in the future.

• Read on the topics of the psychology of stress, and measures to control it. 

• Read articles from standard newspapers about preparation in general.

By understanding these practical tips you can achieve success and move ahead in life.

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