Easy Tips to avoid Mistakes in IELTS Test

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The first step to realize the study abroad dream involves appearing for the IELTS. It measures the ability of a person to completely understand the English language and use it efficiently in an English speaking country.

Additionally, the person needs to score good bands in every task which includes

  • Speaking,
  • Reading,
  • Writing
  • Listening

Several students take it but many cannot pass the test owing to some common mistakes they make. We enlist these common mistakes made by a candidate while taking the test:

Adhering to Specified word limit

It is important to answer all the questions, related to the writing task, in the specified word limit. In case there is a direction to answer in 250 words then the candidates need to complete that answer in 250 words. There is no room to cross the limit or write something less.  They must strictly stick to the word limit of the question task.

Writing a long essay

There is a belief among the applicants that writing a long essay will help in getting a good score irrespective of its quality. This is not true. Moreover, only concentrating on the length of an essay, will lead to losing marks. There must be a focus on creating quality content and in maintaining the word limit of the essay.

Focusing on the content

This is very important. Answer specifically to what is asked in the question. Some candidates answer without understanding the topic. Do not stray away from the topic and also cover all the points in the topic.

Creating an original content

Students also memorize the content and replicate it on the answer sheet. This is not the correct way because the examiners can track this activity. Avoid memorization and take all the necessary steps in creating original content.

Furthermore, these steps need constant Practice. You must avoid these mistakes in the IELTS.

At Teach 5, we will also bring such relevant information and guidelines, for the benefit of students. Please stay in touch with us.

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