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British University Dubai, Associates with British Council - Becomes IELTS Centre
Posted on: 07 Nov 2019  |   Category: IELTS ,

British University Dubai, Associates with British Council - Becomes IELTS Centre

British University Dubai, signs a Memorandum of Understanding in October, 2019 with the British Council as the first step of becoming an approved Centre for IELTS Registration and Test taking.

A Positive Happening

This event was attended by Country Director, of the British Council in UAE; and dignitaries of the UAE. Experts also commented that English proficiency has recognition as the gateway skill to have a blooming future career. This collaboration will provide access to IELTS, which is a leading English exam in the world, and also make it easy for the students and other members of the community.

The British Council is committed to support development of English language in the country. This will be a welcome step to look forward and work with British University Dubai for preparing future leaders possessing the requisite English skills necessary to fulfill academic ambitions of students and helping them to compete at the global level.

The Visionary Approach

The University has a vision to get recognition and support Dubai’s foremost resources and also to focus for a reflective pursuit. This will add inclusive accessibility, and lead to effective transfer and application of academic, scientific, and professional knowledge.

The university has allied with top British institutions with an aim of enhancing research and offering the best learning to the students. The collaboration with British Council for delivering IELTS testing is a major step to reinforce a commitment for the advancement and development of the Arab world.

IELTS is a proficiency test popular in the world to ace the English language to get higher education and also to obtain global migration. 10,000 organizations trust IELTS, globally and all the test takers can be confident of its recognition by employers, educational institutions, professional bodies and governments across the world.

Features of IELTS

IELTS was a pioneer of English language testing involving the four skills for three decades and sets a top standard for testing in English language today. Many Governments like in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK use it for processing the immigration applications.

British Council

The British Council an international organization of the UK is involved with educational opportunities and cultural relations.

The Council works with many countries in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Last year it directly reached 65 million persons and overall 731 million persons based on online sources, broadcasts and finally the publications. The principal aim is to make a helpful contribution to the nations, and change the lives by creation of opportunities, and building connections.

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