A quick guide to choose the right test – IELTS or PTE

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Are you interested to take an proficiency test in English language for study or immigration? Just in case you are confused about choosing between PTE & IELTS, this article is for you. In this article, you will get to know which test is suitable for you!

Which one is good for me? IELTS or PTE?

Assume that you are applying for Australian PR and you required to take an English proficiency test to prove yourself.

You take the Academic PTE because word says that it’s simpler than the test of IELTS.

For instance, a person whom you know might have taken PTE and scored well & you may think that it is not as tough as IELTS.

You then book a slot for PTE and attempt it and you may be shocked after your results .

Reading = 86  |   Listening = 89  |  Writing = 90 | Speaking = 59

You may think how this could happen?

Your score in writing is impeccable and your reading & listening scores are flawless as well. But your speaking score is something like rocket science.

You may think it might be an error, probably technical and you may demand for a rescore. But you will be charged with a hefty amount which gives the result exactly which you got earlier. Try avoiding asking for re-scoring as it is a waste of money and your valuable time.

But if it’s not a problem related to technical, then what is it? You may speak English at work; you may even try to speak English every time with your family. Your English is extraordinary!

Follow these three points

#1 Take the mock test for PTE at Pearson PTE Practice Test

Pearson provides you with an authorized mock test, which is based on the same platform of real exam and makes use of same computer algorithm. They wish that the efforts you put and the amount you spend for the test do not go in vein.

It means, the results which you will be getting on the mock test will be approximately similar to the results you achieve if you pay AUD 330 and took the original test. They are clear-cut. The fee for the mock test is 10% of the cost of real PTE.

#2 Examine the scores

Sometimes it’s evident that PTE does not suit you. Look at the scores

Reading = 86  |  Listening = 89  |  Writing = 90 | Speaking = 59

This person has great level of English, but pronunciation is not liked by PTE. Pronunciation is an uncompromising part here. It MUST be good.

You may have unerring lexical resource (vocabulary) & grammar but if your accent is influenced by any English speaking country person, you may be scored very low.

#3 Do I score well in writing? If yes, up to what extent?

It is a MUST for the concerned person mentioned above to take the IELTS without any doubt. If the candidate is able to take IELTS General, as it is not that tough. The major reason the candidate must take the IELTS is because the candidate’s score in writing is very good.

Main problem in the IELTS is the writing part/module. The way, in which PTE is stern on speaking, the IELTS is unbending on the writing part. If you have a limited range of vocabulary, grammar, and if you possess finite writing skills of essay, it may be very hard for you to choose.

Which is a better option?

Should I improve my speaking skills for PTE?


Should I enhance my writing skills for the IELTS?

Which skill is simpler to develop?

It depends on yet a couple more things…

How can I develop my PTE speaking

Know your age. How entrenched is your accent? Can you make it neutral?

Are you having ideas & methods to finish the tasks of PTE on-time?

As we all know, speaking is not that easy to develop. It may take some time and practice is the key towards becoming a good speaker.

How can I improve my IELTS writing

The reason behind IELTS getting infamous is for giving band 6.5 and 7 to its applicants. These are very usual band scores.

IELTS Reading: 8.5  |  IELTS Listening: 8.5  |   IELTS Writing: 6.5 | IELTS Speaking: 8.5

In IELTS, Achieving a band 8 score in the writing module is becoming almost impossible for few. To improve your IELTS writing, your grammatical structure of your sentences MUST be perfect with a combination of high-end vocabulary and your approach towards various essay types should be correct. In addition to this, your Essay (task-2) carries more weightage than task-1.

You need to be corrected and get a FEEDBACK to know where you are actually going in incorrect direction. Or else, you are putting your own intelligence to assess yourself and you may go wrong getting complacent.

Finally, which one to choose?? PTE or IELTS? Question yourself!!

1. Where am I good at? Speaking or Writing?

If you are good at speaking, select PTE.

If you are good at writing, select IELTS.

2. Which test do I prefer to take? IELTS Academic or IELTS General, PTE Academic?

If you are willing for the IELTS General, select it. It is easier.

3. Do I need to prepare before the test?

Definitely you must! As practice gives you an idea to approach different questions and managing time effectively, helping you complete your tasks on time in a correct way.

4. Can I do this on my own?

No matter how good you are with the language. It’s good to have guidance from a teacher.

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