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The Nine Important Tips to remember on IELTS Test-Day
Posted on: 21 Dec 2018  |   Category: IELTS ,

IELTS Test Tips, IELTS Coaching, Important Tips of IELTS - Teach5 We present the most important tips for the  IELTS test-day that reduce stress and get a good score

1. Packing passport and snacks

Take care to keep the passport and snacks, fruits and nuts, the night before the test in a pack. Do a double check of the bag in the morning. There is a break between the first part of the test (writing, reading, and listening) and in the speaking test.

2. Know the destination

Plan the destination the night before and also the means to get there. Checking the confirmation email for location and time of test is important. Arrive early.

3. Eat good

An ideal breakfast helps to get the brain working. A fine breakfast helps to focus on the test. Eat eggs, oats or fruit and grains, and do not eat anything heavy.

4. Arrive early

Also arrive early for completing the registration, ID check and taking photograph for test report form.

5. The test room

After ID check, authorities take a photograph. Put your personal items in a room. You get a specific desk and your name is written on it. There will also be a pencil or two and an eraser. Furthermore, you cannot bring anything in it except your passport and a bottle of water. Listen the supervisor’s instructions with care.

6. Timing

The writing component has 60 minutes, followed by the reading, for 60 minutes. The listening test takes 30 minutes. There is no break in these three sections. You will then be advised of the time and place of the speaking test. In case there is time of a few hours, leave the test center and eat something. Come back in the building many minutes before taking the speaking test.

7. Breaks

Candidates cannot leave during the first/last 10 minutes of a test. In case of wishing to leave the test room for going to the bathroom, raise a hand and inform the supervisor. Take along your passport with you.

8. Ask for Help

In case of an issue like the wrong test paper, not hearing the instructions, or feeling sick raise a hand.

9. After the test

Finally after finishing all parts of the test collect all personal items and leave the site. Access your results online 13 days after taking the test. You receive an official Test Report form through mail. Please remember these IELTS test-day tips and also prepare well to succeed.

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