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Quick tips on IELTS Essay writing
Posted on: 18 Sep 2018  |   Category: IELTS ,

Quick tips on IELTS Essay writing I.E.L.T.S. students often have a habit of preparing well for the written examination.  They write just the right essays, but take more than the necessary time for Task 2. The exam gives a time of only 60 minutes. In this, the candidate has to deal with the 250 word Task 2, and also write the 150 worded Task 1 essay. It is greatly important to write the I.E.L.T.S. essay, in a quick manner. We present some tips for the aspirants.

Have a brief introduction

The first tip is that the candidates must not waste their time in writing a lengthy introduction. The belief that the introduction is important to get a high score is wrong.  The paragraphs are the foundation to get a good score. Moreover, the introduction must be short and crisp. Just write three sentences maximum. Paraphrase the response to the task, present your point of view, and finally add a summary.  Follow this basic template, for every essay. Analyzing the main points, and including them, does not take much time. In some cases, it   is over in less than 5 minutes. Practice regularly, by using this format and this will lead to writing an introduction quickly. Moreover, this will give time to focus on the paragraphs, where scoring the points is easy.

Organize your thoughts

Before starting to write main paragraphs, there is a great need to spend five or so minutes, for developing the thoughts. Asking these questions will also help, in getting a proper guidance:
  • What is the main statement?
  • Where is this leading to?
  • Cite a specific example?
  • Focus on summarizing thoughts

Write a Conclusion

The conclusion has less importance in an essay, and hence do not spend much time on it.  The focus, needs to be on main body paragraphs. Finish the essay with a conclusion, by taking hardly two minutes. Paraphrase the overall answer, with a reference to introduction.

Practice in an efficient manner

Start writing on a blank sheet of paper, and note down all the matter, you know regarding a specific way of writing the essay. Focus about introductions, and be specific on common connecting words/phrases.  Also know about the structure of the main paragraphs of an essay. This exercise will give an idea, about what you know, and don’t know. Organize your thoughts, increase your confidence, and focus on speed. Also know about the strengths and weaknesses of writing, and have a thought of common mistakes. Also correct them. In the end after sufficient practice you can become quick, at writing such essays.

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