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Top 7 Essay Tips to succeed in GRE
Posted on: 01 May 2019  |   Category: GRE ,

Top 7 Essay Tips to succeed in GRE Writing the GRE essay requires preparation.  We present seven tips so that the candidates are relaxed and confident to write it.

GRE Essay Tips

1. Simplicity and strength

  • For writing the GRE essay you have to keep a simple structure and rhetoric. Additionally, the introductory paragraph must be clear, reflecting the main point.
  • Each paragraph should deal with a clear main point, also do not make an exaggerated and complex argument.
  • Furthermore, the GRE essays, which have a simple argument, get a high score.
  • Another point is to make strong, and direct, statements.
  • Also, do not have reasoning using words like maybe and possibly.
  • Finally, support the claims you make. Explain why things are true, and develop the argument effectively.

We cite a paragraph with strong development:

Building upon the premise that residents shy from using the river owing to the bad quality of the water and the foul smell, the author proposes that the river cleanup will lead to better river usage. When the water quality and smell is caused by issues which can be cleaned, this is true. The water quality and aroma is the result of factory pollution along the river. There is a remedy here. When the quality and aroma is the result of the natural mineral deposits in the water or from the rocks, this is not true. Some bodies emit a strong smell of sulfur owing to the geography of the area. This cannot be affected by a cleanup. As a result, a river cleanup has no impact on river usage. The author says that a river cleanup does not increase usage. There is also an elaboration clearly explaining that the sulfur example is not likely to go away after the cleanup, the cleanup is not helping in increasing usage.

Comparison with a low scoring essay:

There is a Close link to the surveys assuming that a clean river will lead to better usage. The point is at what level people begin using the river? There must be reasons for the residents to use/not use the river. Is water quality the only limiting factor in usage? People appear to be more interested in water sports than in recreational activities.  These questions help the government to make a forecast regarding the increase in river usage and accordingly assign proportionate increase in its budget. The author does not support the points and also asks rhetorical questions without answering them. Even the docks and piers affect river usage and are a limiting factor. Have clear reasoning that is well-supporting the points.

2. Do not show off

There are 30 minutes for planning and writing your GRE essay. The writing must be grammatically correct and also have clarity. Avoid all types of misspellings and punctuation errors. Do not try to include GRE vocabulary and highly elaborate sentences for showing the skills. Have a great command of the vocabulary and clarity of argument. Additionally, you can add clear and logical transitions between the ideas of argument. The GRE prefers when the candidates show a clear transition from an idea to another within a paragraph and also between paragraphs. The next point must also relate to the previous point. There must be a defining moment to show if it is a contrast, or is similar, or related tangentially.

3. Check out the official resources.

All of the prompts regarding the GRE essay are published online. There are many prompts in the pool so that you can read them quickly and learn what to expect.  The candidates should check the official sample essays also.

GRE Argument Essay Tips

1. Reading the prompt entirely

Prompts on the GRE argument essay are similar and ask you for evaluating the reasoning behind the argument. We give some examples: Write the response discussing if specific evidence is needed for evaluating the argument, and also give the explanation regarding the evidence weakening or strengthening the argument. Quote a response discussing alternative explanations that rival the projected explanation give the explanation regarding the explanations accounting for the facts of the argument. Write a response discussing questions which need an answered to decide if the base of the recommendation/argument is reasonable. Also, give an explanation regarding how these answers help in evaluating the recommendation. Address the problems with the argument and thoughts regarding improving the reasoning of the author. The prompts deal with a focus on extra evidence, alternative explanations for the phenomenon, and also focus on questions for the author to ask. The candidates should analyze arguments for the GRE.

2. Criticize

Start your argument by getting critical regarding the argument. Moreover, after reading the argument, think of all the ways in which the argument can go wrong.

An example:

This is a memo from a vice president of a Manufacturing firm Z. In the past year, Z Manufacturing had 30 percent more job-related accidents than another Industries plant located nearby. There the work shifts were shorter by one hour. The causal factors in these accidents are sleep deprivation and fatigue of workers. The way to decrease the accidents at Z and to increase productivity is through short three work shifts (by an hour). This will provide adequate sleep for employees. Write a response to the argument. Explain how it depends on the assumptions and discuss the implications of the argument. What can go wrong?  Discuss the possibilities:
  • Employees can decide not to use the time for sleeping.
  • Short shifts can cause a rush among the employees increasing the accidents.
  • The reasons may be unrelated to sleep and maybe because of less training/equipment.
  • Reducing the shift time may not reduce fatigue as they may be getting only five hours of sleep and finally
  • The employees will start taking extra shifts and actually increase sleep deprivation.

GRE Issue Essay Tips

1. Longer Essay is better

They help to earn a high score.  Going into additional detail and including interesting ideas, leads to a high word count. Learn to focus on full explanation and develop the ideas.  A clear transitioning from one idea to the next is helpful. Mention the points and also explain why they support your thesis. On doing this, you deal with main points, get a high score and develop it in an organized way.

2. Practice brainstorming.

The process of brainstorming is critical and it is important to write a GRE issue essay by giving clear and consistent support to one side of the issue. Have two or three strong points in support of the same side of the subject. Also, support the side you personally agree with. Think about the points before beginning to write. It is an easy skill to practice. Also, develop quick brainstorming abilities, prior to the test day, and write a thorough GRE essay, without taking any stress. Teach5 works on the philosophy of bringing guidance and tips to solve IELTS, PTE, GRE, TOEFL. The aim is to help our patrons in a big way and boost their confidence by conducting classes, online and offline to answer it well. Please contact us for further details.

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