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Some important facts regarding GRE Quantitative Reasoning
Posted on: 11 Jun 2019  |   Category: GRE ,

Some important facts regarding GRE Quantitative Reasoning - Teach5 Studying abroad to achieve a Master’s degree is an important decision. There is also a need to find the right course as well as the right university. Additionally, there are standard tests that offer an opportunity to the global students to enter reputed universities and work towards a future after completing a Master’s degree. The Graduate Record Examination is a standard test to know the verbal and quantitative skills of a person. Also, it opens up several opportunities. We present an insight into the GRE Quant Section in this blog. The aim here is to ease you in decision making and help you to make a good decision regarding your future.

The GRE Quant Section

GRE is a multi-stage test which means that the GRE will initially have the Quant Section that contains questions of the medium-difficulty level. The level of difficulty in the questions in the second Section depends on the performance of a student in the previous section. When they perform above average in the first Quant Section, the second Section has a high level of difficult questions. Also, When they perform not so well (below average) in the first Section, the second quant section has a medium/low level of difficult questions. This holds true for the Verbal Sections also. The point is that the score in Quant or Verbal sections, depends on the difficulty level you solve the questions. We advise you to start to practice with 20 Quant Questions having the medium/low difficulty level within 35 minutes. Furthermore, after achieving high accuracy of 90% in the questions, you can practice 20 high difficulty Questions in 35 minutes.

Errors in Each Section

After research and with expertise, we found that after obtaining 5 to 6 Quant Questions incorrectly among the 40 questions; one can score 167 out of 170 in a GRE-Quant Section. Additionally, after obtaining 8 - 10 verbal questions incorrectly out of 40, one can score 160-161 out of 170 in a GRE -Verbal Section. The strategy here is to be smart and focus on strengths rather than committing mistakes while worrying regarding answering all the questions correctly in the time.

Tentative number of questions Topic/Module-wise

The Quantitative Reasoning Section has two sections and a set of 40 questions in 70 minutes across. The numbers of questions asked in the GRE deal with Number Theory, Arithmetic and Data Analysis, Algebra and Word Problems, Geometry, followed by Permutations, Combinations, and Probability. In addition, GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section tests a candidate on Data Interpretation. These questions deal with the interpretation or analysis of the data.

The Methodology to follow

  • The approach in GRE Quant Section is towards maximizing the number of attempts to answer the questions with great accuracy allowing minimum time. Moreover, there are tricks and strategies to help in attempt all the questions without loss of time.
  • Plan all the strategies in advance and also come prepared for the test session.
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