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The smart way to handle Hard and tough Math Topics on the GRE
Posted on: 23 May 2019  |   Category: GRE ,

The smart way to handle Hard and tough Math Topics on the GRE | Teach5 The Quantitative section in the GRE tests four areas of math: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Data Analysis. The test is not equal in these four areas. The frequency/difficulty of these Big Four issues on the GRE is similar to the practice tests/exercises that the students take up. After analyzing official practice materials we get a good idea of the exam pattern.

Classify each practice question

A proper way is to classify each practice question depending on arithmetic, geometry, algebra, or data analysis. Some questions are interconnected in two areas.
  • Use the Solution explanations, as they help to see the type of mathematical question requirement.
  • Calculate the percentage among the questions in the four main math types.
  • Give a Rank to each question by the number of test takers who answer them right when the question was in the real exam.
  • Graph out the distributions for major math concepts by using percentile groups.
After analyzing the peaks the peak to the right of the 50 percentile denotes the questions that more than half of candidates got right. Conversely, the left peak denotes the questions that more than half of the candidates got wrong. The concept frequency has a base of 500 questions, but the concept difficulty has a base of 200.

Big 4 Math Topics

The Big Four signify major and broad areas of math. GRE data analysis has four topics covering data interpretation, statistics, probability, and finally counting which collectively lead to 20 subtopics. In 20-question Quant sections 6 -7 questions focus on data analysis and 5 -6 focus on arithmetic. 4 -5 deal with algebra and the rest deal with geometry.

The difficulty of the Four Quant Topics

Arithmetic questions are generally easier and 2 -3 get a correct answer from a majority of the candidates. Ratios and percentages are common topics. Questions on Data analysis challenge the majority of GRE candidates. The top three topics deal with the interpretation of Data, statistics, and finally probability. The algebra problems are hard. Around 50% get an incorrect answer. The Rules of exponents are tough. Geometry problems have an even distribution of difficulty. The quadrilaterals/circles problems are tough. Candidates have to keep this frequency, difficulty, and data in mind while preparing for GRE Quantitative test. When the arithmetic questions are easier, feel happy but be attentive regarding the difficult questions. Algebra and data analysis questions must get a top priority while preparing. Also, deal firmly with statistics and probability. Finally, be strong and always aim to get a top score. Teach5 works on the philosophy of bringing guidance and tips to solve IELTS, PTE, GRE, TOEFL. The aim is to help our patrons in a big way and boost their confidence by conducting classes, online and offline to answer it well. Please contact us for further details.

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