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Five mistakes to avoid during GRE prep
Posted on: 05 Jul 2019  |   Category: GRE ,

Five mistakes to avoid during GRE prep
The knowledge of what to do while preparing for the GRE is important, and equally important is to know what not to do. Learning from the friends taking the test before we also need to be to ready. We can rely on their experiences and take their advice to get a better score. The success purely depends on the high level of domain knowledge. Additionally, we need to work, with the aim to get a good result, as per our individual needs.

Here we present the practical tackling of a few issues surrounding the art of getting ready for the exam and deal with a methodical, proper and achievable approach towards good preparation for obtaining a good result.

Mistake #1: a study of two weeks

Success in the GRE is not easy. There are many aspects to learn and it requires efforts from everyone. Do not just cram it. Also do not wait until the last week before the exam to complete the study to ace it. Study well and take the practice exam.  Learn regarding the test scoring, the common GRE vocabulary words, and also create a sensible study timeline.

Look at your score.  A study for two weeks will never alter your score drastically. Prepare for a longer period to do better. The GRE has a design, and a scoring pattern, that requires several weeks of planning and preparation. Be keen in improving and solidifying your score, and always be methodical about the methods to achieve that.  Start preparing at a slow pace, that you can handle well. The gradual studying pays off.

Mistake #2: Study at weekends

Do not be free for the entire week, living a normal life, and studying only on the weekends. It is not reasonable and realistic. A weekend signifies tempting and exciting activities. The world, moreover, is relaxing and in a celebrating mood. By opting for this time to study; you avoid the good things in life. Additionally, it is a serious matter, and requires all the seriousness, that you have. Be immersed while studying a foreign language. This will accelerate fluency and acquisition.  Be around that language, and use it daily, for retaining the knowledge and fast learning. Also get the skills and ideas necessary to perform in the test. Do not limit your studies to the weekends, and also put in the best effort. Spread the study hours across all the days of week. Improve at a fast pace, and also acquire the relevant and necessary skills easily, when you need them.

Mistake #3: a Focus on one section only

Many students give a focus only on one section, when they have a natural ability for it. Just have a focus on the issues in which you are not strong. Study about what effort and work, you have to put in each section, for improving and scoring well. Prepare to experience taking of the Full Test. Score higher on the Verbal Section, the Quantitative Section, and also put the focus on Mathematics. A little focus and more study on any material or subject will yield a big impact on the overall score. The art of a balanced study is the preparation to overcome your weaknesses; but also regarding focusing on your strengths. Have a holistic preparation. An overall approach is better than the lopsided approach to study. Train yourself to handle all portions of the test and also build up a familiarity with them.

Mistake #4: Not debriefing after practice exams

Practice-exam is about the numbers you get in the end. Also, they express our performance, and also teach you much about what should be your focus of study. They also inform about the challenges and obstacles.
Debrief of practice exams thoroughly as this allows knowing the performance, patterns, strengths and weaknesses. Start to quantify your progress and create a study plan to score well.

Also go over the results, and focus on the work to make a big impact. You work consistently and will clearly improve, but measure your performance and target the specific study areas. Reflect on how you intended to perform and how you actually performed. This will teach you much regarding the test.

Mistake #5: Review of the questions you get wrong

Figure out when you commit mistakes and their reasons. Also look at the questions you got right. The Right answers do not inform us the way we got them. We must discover critical elements to success. Sometimes we use a wrong strategy but get a right answer. We sometimes get the right answer by mistake or by a guess too. Get a right answer at a fast pace, consistently, without stress or mental effort. Finally, check your correct answers in a methodical manner.

These tips will help you to start on improvement and modification of preparations. Figure your needs and then fulfill those needs. Start thinking about an overall preparation strategy and make a good use of the time. Wish you all success. Follow them in letter and spirit. 

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