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A practical approach for Using the 80/20 Rule to Increase GRE Score
Posted on: 08 Apr 2019  |   Category: GRE ,

A practical approach for Using the 80/20 Rule to Increase GRE Score - Teach5 There is a formula using which some students can study little and also get a high score in GRE. Successful students can apply an 80/20 rule when they study for GRE. It is the Pareto principle, which observes that 80% of the wealth in the world is owned by 20% of the population. Moreover, 80% of the business work is done by 20% of employees. 20% of people create 80% of the problems in our life. Additionally, we can apply this rule to prepare well for GRE. The learning pattern of students reveals that the successful students obtaining the GRE scores above 320 marks study in a way that their major success happens because of minimum efforts. A minor change of 20% in preparation leads to 80% improved results.

A new methodology

Actually, the students complete 80% of their study in 20% of the time while studying. Avoid all distractions, re-reading the concepts, talking to friends and also be attentive. Do not think about anything, or daydreaming regarding the future, nor do any texting or checking of social media updates. Also, do not lose focus leading to wastage of time. An average student collects much material from the internet and Downloads GRE related videos. Most of them Get multiple GRE practice books but do not finish them.
  • Here there is a need to have a dedicated plan of study.
  • Do not spend many hours every day to study all concepts. Another mistake is solving already solved questions.
  • Also, avoid taking practice tests that you have taken earlier.
  • Better avoid taking unnecessary information.

Effective steps

Do not waste 80% of study time to improve 20% performance. Many test takers take smart steps and also get a good score. Their manner of study is different. Marks come not by downloading videos or utilizing practice books and material in preparation. Also, there is not much free time. The ideal way is to stop being average, and also start studying in a smart manner. Emulate the top scorers:
  • Sign up for a great preparatory course,
  • Use the material completely.
  • Give quality time to study that preparatory course.
  • Do not look for study material and practice questions in any other place.
  • Do not lose focus and also avoid getting confused.
  • A good course helps you to search for proper questions and strategies in one place.

Create a plan

  • Creating an effective plan of study and spending two hours on it every day is a sure way to get a good score in the GRE.
  • Studying should be of the purest form.
  • Keep the phone off, and the doors closed to avoid any type of interruption and distractions. Break the major tasks into mini sessions of 20-minute duration.
  • Also, relax for five minutes and start the next session. Have a 100% focus on the planned tasks.
  • Spend 80% of the time on weak areas and aim for major improvement.
  • Learn new concepts and things.
  • Spend a major time on the challenging topics.
  • Solve all questions that are challenging.
  • Also avoid solving easy questions, or questions from known concepts.
  • Focus on questions that are tough and challenging.

Solve the tough questions

  • Solving hard questions helps to learn new concepts, and to adopt new strategies.
  • Have the time to make a thorough review after every test.
  • Take one practice test and also go through the results. Do not just skim through the results.
  • Review the performance on a test basis.
  • Learn from the mistakes committed and avoid repeating them in the next test.
  • Do not misread the question, nor misunderstand what is required. Also, do not misapply the concept.
  • Examine the mistakes thoroughly.
  • When a mistake is because not being sure about a concept/formula/method, go back to the concept and read/learn about it thoroughly.
  • Make a few subtle changes that help you in the long run, and aim to score higher marks.
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