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Ideal Ways to Improve English Vocabulary
Posted on: 23 Jan 2019  |   Category: IELTS , PTE ,

Improve English Vocabulary, IELTS Training, PTE Training - Teach5 Many people are keen to know the ways to improve English vocabulary. Knowing words and the way to use them properly gives control of the language and permits a person to speak fluently. The best way to learn vocabulary is to see or hear, speak or write new words daily.

  • Seeing gives a visual memory of the word and one can know the spelling also.
  • Hearing  helps to understand the sound of a word
  • Speaking and writing help with fluency, memory, and pronunciation.
We present some useful tips in a methodical manner for growing your vocabulary and increasing knowledge to use English words.

Create word clusters

In a small notebook also organize words thematically or linguistically.

Words according to the theme

The thematic organization is a focus on words with a similar theme. Words can be related to the environment or a variety of other subjects like nature, business, music, education, home, food, or weather also. The exercise of Clustering words under a theme will help to associate them in the brain. You can also recall them easily.

Word according to forms

Linguistic organization signifies learning a new word and also learning its variations. Strength is a noun, “strengthen” is a verb, and “strong” is an adjective, and finally “strongly” is an adverb.

Expose yourself to words

Moreover, after reading and listening we can create new word clusters.

Read extensively

People get exposure to words through reading. New words are essential to increase English fluency.  Reading blogs, magazines, broadsheet articles, and books or websites help to learn about various cultures, people, animals, and happenings around the world. Read all about interesting things and also discover new words in the proper context. Also look for the word up in a dictionary and add them to your cluster.

Listen to English speakers

Listen to podcasts about politics, sports, fashion or society.  Also, listen to lectures because they are formal and useful and include many new words. Follow an organized structure. On hearing an unknown word, or having difficulty in pronouncing, play it again and hear the sound. Know the spelling of new words which you hear in a talk and associate the pronunciation with the spelling. Practice saying the word again and again.

Learn a new word each day

Check the Dictionary word of the day for new words every day with pronunciation, definition, and word form. Also, Add them to the journal and use them each day.

Use so you don’t lose it

After learning a new word, practice using it in speaking/ writing. Write the words in the journal and also repeat them loudly and use them in a conversation

Speak well

Always use new words in daily conversation. Keep the new word fresh in your mind and also use them in conversations. Use a social situation to try new words. Join a conversation group with other learners. Learning one word each day leads to Learning 365 new words in a year. It is a great feeling.

Write for remembering

Writing is indeed a great way to know new words. New words leave an imprint on the mind and become a useful part of our personality.  Write in different forms.


Expanding vocabulary is a challenging task but you can master it. Your confidence will increase and your vocabulary will grow in a big way. The formula to remember is reading extensively, listening properly, speaking well and writing in a fair manner. Finally, make an attempt to master it. Teach5 works on the philosophy of bringing guidance and tips to solve IELTS and PTE. The aim is to help our patrons in a big way and boost their confidence by conducting classes, online and offline to answer it well. Please contact us for further details.

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