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PTE-Helpful tips for beginners for a good score.
Posted on: 31 Oct 2018  |   Category: PTE ,

PTE Test, Tips for Beginners, PTE Tips, PTE Score - Teach5 Scoring in PTE might be a bit confusing for starters but it is all-important to have an idea of approaching the PTE This post from teach5 will provide you with the type of skills you need to score well. It is crucial to have an understanding of the PTE. If you have an approach towards this, it will give you a precise target about what should be focused during the test. Here, we have the basic points about what a PTE test taker needs to know about the scoring. You are tested in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The questions will usually test 2 of your skills at once, like listening and reading or reading and speaking. Remember, PTE is a computer-based test. The Academic reports ofPTE an Overall Score which combines the scores of Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills. The score is given on a scale that operates in between 10–90 (with 90 being the impeccable score). Items of PTE are all machine graded.

What are “Enabling” and “Communicative” Skills?

The below Communicative Skills are measured by PTE
  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

Enabling Skills:

Grammar: It is the order in which the words are written in a sentence. Spelling: Always make sure it is flawless. Oral Fluency: It is the pace of your speech. Does it go smoothly and sound clear & natural? Or is there dead air in between; are there frequent pauses or stutters? Vocabulary: It is the range of different words you use and make sure you put those words in the right place Pronunciation: It is the clarity of the words you speak. Is it easy for an English native to understand what you are speaking? Written Discourse: It is about how well you are able to develop the ideas in a written format. Is the content easier to understand? It is indispensable to follow the provided strategies to get a good score. For instance, If you are instructed to answer in a two to three word response, go ahead. Keep in mind that a computer will grade PTE automatically. For example, if it finds a lengthy sentence where it was instructed to answer in a short way, the candidate won’t get any credit past “content”.

Assume the system of grading as a 3-step process:

Step 1: Your Content is scored (It means that did you answer with the accurate response and included the true content? For instance, if you were instructed to do something else and if you speak about an topic which is unrelated, your content would be incorrect)

If ‘Content’ is RIGHT, then ‘Format’ is evaluated:

Step 2: Is it answered in the appropriate way? For instance, the written text summarizing should be written only in single sentence.

If the ‘Form’ is RIGHT, then the other skills will be scored:

Step 3: Applicable skills are assessed and marked (Depending on the task various ‘Skills’ will apply.) This 3-step content-form-skills method makes it vital to answer with the RIGHT form andcontent. Answer the question in the correct form. If you answer in an incorrect way, you will lose the chain to get marks on the skills (Grammar, Spelling, Writing etc).


In PTE, three sections use “Partial Credit” scoring to subtract one point for each wrong answer. The different tasks:
  1. Multiple Choice, Choosing Multiple Answers (IN READING SECTION)
  2. Multiple Choice, Choosing Multiple Answers (IN LISTENING SECTION)
  3. Highlighting the wrong/Incorrect Words (IN LISTENING SECTION)
There’s a common misapprehension that these given tasks are assessed with ‘negative scoring’. But in fact, these tasks are not negatively scored in real.

Scoring criteria:

For CORRECT Response 1 point
For INCORRECT Response -1 point
The least mark received will be zero.

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers:

Lot of people have a hesitation about how the Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers are gained on the PTE for both Reading and Listening. Here is Pearson’s official confirmation. For instance, if a question is having four answer options: A, B, C and D. Let us assume that C and D are the correct options. -If you select C and D, you will score 2 points. -If you select C, you will score 1 point. *You will not lose points if you select D* -If you select D, you will score 1 point. * You will not lose points if you select C* -If you select C, D and A, you will score 2-1 = 1 point. -If you select C, D, B and A, you will score 2-2 = 0 points Always be vigilant enough to select all right answers and keep away from choosing wrong options to enhance your scores.

Highlighting the wrong/incorrect Words:

This section has similar, ‘Partial Credit’ (-1 point) for every wrong answer. This task is assessed similarly way like the ‘Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers’. Here, it’s not possible to get a negative marking.

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